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Kinmore new device ''the Gear Measuring Center''

Kinmore has bought the Gear Measuring Center, the topmost gear measuring center. It utilizes granite base and integrated host, all directly drived measuring axes(DDR,DDL), 3D Digital Scanning Probe with Probe Management System, level-control system principle, full close-loop control system, multifunctional and reliable measuring software based on Windows 7. The instrument has reached the world advanced level.


The Gear Measuring Center can automatically complete data and parameters' measurement in just one setup, also allow the accurate measuring on items, like tooth profile deviations, helix deviations, pitch deviations, pitch accumulation and run-out items of in-volute cylindrical gear(gear cluster, internal gear). gear cutters(Hob, rack-form generating cutter. shaving cutter etc.). worm, worm gear, straight and spiral bevel gear. It can also be extended to measure critical components of RV reducer, contour scanning. and measure workplace which has complex 3D tooth surface, like spiral rotor etc.


This device is the top gear measuring center and can make competition in the world market.

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