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What’s the advantages of brushless motor?

     Do you know what’s the advantages of brushless motor? For a tipical brush DC motor, there are composed of permanent magnets, brush, commutator, lamination core, shaft, end cap, armature and motor housing. But the brushless dc motor is a typical mechatronics product which consists of motor body and driver. Comparing with brush motor, the brushless motor has the following major advantages:

◉Simple Structure

◉Stable Performance

◉Low Noise

◉Long Lifetime

◉Easy Maintenance,

◉High Efficiency

◉High Realiability

◉High Power Density.



     However, with the development of technology, the brushless motor play a very important role for various applications and industry. Now our Kinmore design two new types brushless motor for the home appliance which are used for hot sale blender and slow cooker.The motor’s high speed breaking for fruit, coffee, egg, beans,vegetables, meat etc. It has 600w,800w and 1200w power choice and also 360℃ intelligent heating without any problem.The longest lifetime can reach 10000 hours to support machine to long-term working. For more brushless motor details, please visit our Choose Kinmore Motor, enjoying your better intelligent life!   

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