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Kinmore Motor has always been an excellent DC Motors, DC Gear Motors manufacturer and exporter ever since 1998. The motors are widely used for Automotive, Home appliances, Personal care, Powertools, Industry, and Intelligent products which provide healthy and convenient ways in life.

Kinmore is a professional producing team of over 1100 well-trained and skilled employees with an annual production capacity of 90 million pieces. ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 have been certified in both the factories of Kinmore in 2007 and 2014 respectively. Over 100 series of motors with a diameter range from 8mm to 80mm all come with CE, REACH, ROHS marks. We make our products strictly compliant with the industry standards by utilizing advanced production and inspection facilities from Japan, Germany, and the USA. Such as HEXAGON CMM, SODICK WEDM-LS/HS, WAHLI hobbing machines, Gear meshing measuring instrument, MAGTROL motor performance tester, etc.

 Customer Oriented, Quality Focused, Technology Driven is our unchangeable business philosophy that inspires all generations of Kinmorers to pursue excellence in manufacturing motors. Kinmore keeps growing up and now has become a reliable and excellent  DC motor provider all around the world.


Company culture

Business philosophy:

Customer Oriented, Quality Focused, Technology Driven

Mission and Target: 

Mission: To provide reliable products and assist our customers in achieving sustainable economic benefits. 

Target: To keep being a reliable and excellent international provider in the micro DC and gear motor industry.

Company Values: 

Professional, Focus, Enthusiasm, Responsibility, Cooperation, All Win

Company History

  • In 2016, Kinmore started to build up a full auto production lines for automotive motors. Since then, the production of the Rotor, the Housing and the Endcap assy as well as Final assy Inspection had achieved fully automated. With the leading production system, Kinmore became available to produce a great amount of the electrical vacuum pump motor, electrical lumbar motor and ETC motor efficiently.
  • In 2012, Kinmore founded a gear motor plant that cooperated with the micro motor plant. It consolidated the leading technology and production resources in the gearbox industry. After that, Kinmore became one of the few manufacturers in mainland China to carry out production of both DC (dia.6-80mm) and Gear motors in house.
  • In 2005, Kinmore established micro motor (dia.6-20mm) plant in order to meet customers' various dimensions demands of dc motors. There were also professional equipments and production lines in it with employees of 400.
  • In 2003,Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co., Ltd. was established, with the aim of expanding wider markets over the world. With the motor factory as backup support, plus a professional sales team, Kinmore started its remarkable journey in the worldwide market. And after the hard work of 16 years, Kinmore now has become an excellent DC motor supplier all around the world.
  • In 1988,Kinmore's first (Regular-size motor) plant was established and it had more than 550 employees. At the very beginning, Kinmore mainly produced the PMDC motors with a diameter from 20-80mm. With our own molding workshop and hardware workshop, we could produce and assembly the motor housings, endcaps, lamination cores and so on. Those self-made components of motors ensured the accuracy and electrical performance consistency of our products, which will be the tradition of Kimore motor.

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  • Verified Manufacturer

    Kinmore is DC motor / Gear motor manufacturer which has been verified by independent 3rd party.

  • Supplier Capability Assessment:

    Kinmore has a supplier audit from an indep
    endent 3rd party.

  • Kinmore's factory has been certified the ISO14001:2004.

  • Kinmore's factory has been certified the ISO9001:2008.

  • Kinmore's factory has been certified the IATF16949.

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