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Starting again on a new journey–2021 Annual Meeting of Kinmore Motor

Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co., Ltd. held the 2020 year-end summary meeting and the 2021 Spring Festival Gala from January 29, 2021. The whole team enjoys a happy time. In the next 2021, Kinmore Motor will continue to provide customers with high-quality motors and services. Kinmore Motor always adheres to the concept of customer-oriented, focusing on quality, and technological innovation, working together to build a dream for the future, and do better!


At the annual summary meeting, the leaders summarized the work of the past year and at the same time formulated the work plan for the next year. The most important thing is that the leader issues year-end awards to employees and encourages Kinmore members to continue to forge ahead and create new records for the company. The most important thing is that the company honors employees for not forgetting their original intentions, firm beliefs, and sharing difficulties with the company. The company grows together and rewards the heroes who have worked for more than five years.


2021 Annual Meeting of Kinmore Motor

The annual meeting ceremony officially begins

For the 2021 annual meeting, the company has prepared a splendid dinner, exciting games, and generous prizes. At the party, everyone toasted to celebrate our company’s achievement of performance goals.


During the game, the people playing the game were very engaged, and the audience below watched overwhelmingly and laughed loudly.


Two first prizes tonight, two new buddies from the promotion department


Other friends who did not win the prize are also lucky with lucky red envelopes.


Next, usher in the climax of this evening party-presenting certificates and prizes to the outstanding employees of Kinmore to express their encouragement! This honor is a reward for the past year and a look forward to the future!


Building dreams and creating more glories

With laughter and emotion, the annual meeting gradually came to an end. All the honorable contributions and gains will be turned into heart-warming memories, drawing a successful ending to 2020.


2021 Annual Meeting of Kinmore Motor

Facing the new year of 2021, the Kinmore family is looking forward to flying towards a higher goal and opening a new chapter with full enthusiasm and high morale!

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