Key points of selecting DC geared motor

A micro DC reduction motor is a kind of gear reduction motor referring to reduction transmission equipment, also known as DC reduction gearbox. It is widely used in intelligent robots, intelligent medical equipment, automatic industrial equipment, smart electronics, and home furnishing equipment, communication equipment, smart car equipment, and other fields. The model, parameters, and performance of the miniature DC geared motor used in each industry and equipment are different. When choosing the model parameters of the DC geared motor, you need to pay attention to those points.

DC geared motor

The followings are summarized below for reference:

1.Before purchasing a DC geared motor, determine its use, application scenarios, and list factors such as environmental requirements, operating temperature, and backlash.

2. First, determine the power needs to consider current, voltage, speed, reduction ratio, transmission ratio, torque, load capacity, noise, transmission efficiency, number of stages, etc.

3. Determine the torque of the output shaft of the DC geared motor, the safe rotation mode, and the maintenance mode;

4. Determine the input drive shaft speed and reduction ratio of the DC geared motor;

5. Select the DC gear motor according to the flange size of the DC gear motor. If the output shaft torque is insufficient, return to 2 and re-match;

6. Determine the safety factor SF;

7. Installation dimensions of reducer and motor;

8. The reduction ratio of the reducer;

9. The performance parameters of the motor, including voltage, power, speed, series current, transmission ratio, load capacity, noise, transmission efficiency;

10. The working environment and working system of the motor;

11. Calculate the torque of the load; for the life of the motor, the torque calculation is vital, and pay attention to the maximum torque value (TP) of the acceleration, whether it exceeds the maximum load torque of the motor.

DC geared motor

When there is no suitable model parameter for the miniature DC geared motor, customized technical parameters can be used, and the technical parameters can be customized according to requirements, for example, the range of customizable parameters:

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