Looking back on 2020, Looking forward to 2021

Looking back on 2020, Looking forward to 2021

What better place to write an article of 2020 than with the year in review! 

We are going to have more details on some of these stories of Kinmore this unforgettable year. When the year dawned, a potentially deadly virus would change life as we knew it in many and some expected ways. The covid-19 struck on China so heavily at the beginning of 2020 that we spent a staying-at-home Spring Festival. 

Looking back on 2020, Looking forward to 2021

Given the seriousness and fear caused by the epidemic, our company did not decide to resume work until the middle of March to ensure our employees’ safety, up to the standard of workplace disinfection, thermometers, masks, alcohol, and other spare tools. Over the next few months, we recommend that employees wear face masks, report on their health every day, and so on. We would not have the opportunity to arrange our team building activities until our country has brought the epidemic under control and achieved effective results against the epidemic. 

Despite the impact of the epidemic on imports and exports, we have persevered to achieve better sales performance. At the end of September, Kinmore organized a group building program that included physical stretches and tours, which made us relaxed physically and mentally. The two-day activity consisted of water balloons fighting, challenging the NO.1, island survival, kayaking, TAKAGISM, and surfing. Through the training, we not only get better physical exercise but also understand the importance of teamwork. Traveling to Papeng ancient city and Jinshawan Beach deepened our cultural horizon and relaxed our minds. 

Looking back on 2020, Looking forward to 2021

Recently, on 12th December we held a party to celebrate that we reached our selling month target. The party was to make us happy, so we went to a place with all the entertainment facilities, like karaoke, VR experience, snooker, etc. We tested amazing and yummy food, too. In the last month, we all work together to create new achievements, looking forward to this month’s New Year travel.

Future Prospects

Firstly, we hope the covid-19 will be ended soon, and everyone can get vaccinated. 2020 has caused unprecedented damage to every aspect of human beings, but we still fight hard and believe we will win this battle. We hope we stay healthy and safe in 2021 and for good. Moreover, we can make more fortune and prosperity in the coming year; we can try our best you serve human beings better and put the friendly environment in the first place; we will become the best and closest partner in the future. And by working together to fight against covid-19, we can get through this rough patch. 

There are many unknowns ahead that are worth exploring and worth looking forward to!


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