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R & D strength

More than 40 experienced R&D engineers who unitize advanced CAD software like Autocad, Proe, Soliworks, UG etc. and high precision equipment in lab, we can develop at least 1 type new product every month. Every year we invest 10% sales in R&D and new facilities. Continuous products improvement and efficiency enhancement are our pursuits.

New product development plan

Kinmore Motor has nearly 20 years new products development experience and thus has completed and assured development programs which aims to meet customers’ DC motor& Gear motor electrical performance, reliability and manufacturability. Moreover, the optimal design with most saving costs would be offered to customers.

  • New product development plan

    In order to ensure that the new DC motor and gear motor can be delivered to customers with maximum satisfaction,Kinmore sales engineers should get and understand completely customers’ products original requirements which include:

    A. DC motor/ Gear motor dimensions and connection installation dimensions.

    B.Electrical performance data: Vol. Working Speed, Current,and torque. Stall Current and Torque. Work duty, working environment conditions, Noise, Life expectancy etc.

    C. The markets regulation and laws (option) i.e.UL,CE,RoHS,REACH etc

    D. Other requirements,i.e. costs targets

  • New product development plan

    Kinmore design team provide feasibility analysis report to customers that include:

    A.product development lead time, product costs and molds costs.

    B. Design risk evaluation

  • New product development plan

    Kinmore design engineers ustilize FMEA,VE etc.advanced design technology, and the latest analysis system like MEA Motor Performance Analyzing System, Starting Torque Tester, Gearhead design software to design a product. The involved design processes and documents are following:

    A.Gathering all original requirements from customers set up Input documents lists

    B.Functional verification DC motor / gear motor 2D/3D drawings

    C.Make specification and manuals

    D.Evaluate the necessary for apply patent

  • Design verification

    Design verification

    A.Design input / output review

    B.Pilot test.:To test samples full performance and validate all of data meet specification’s needs.

    D.Evaluate the necessary for apply patent

  • Development plan

    Development plan

    A.Development schedule,the updated implementation are shared with customers on time.

    B.Molds development, Mold costs checking, Mold annotation

    C.Production process preparation, new equipment and facility confirmation,Productivity evaluation

    D.Making samples and pilot run. Review the know how capability, personnel organization

  • Development plan

    Customer approval

    Customer test and validate the samples and pilot run. If not approved, we’ll make improved samples and until the samples are approved by customer.

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