Perfect Control to Complete the Intelligent Valve System

TheThermostatic Radiator Valve Solution with


Motor Model
RF-300 ,with input Current of  3V DC and Speed of 2900 rpm
Plastic screw structure with thrust Torque of 8kgf. cm.
Key Features:
  • Low noise and low Current 35dBA, 60mA.
  • The stable Current and Torque ensure long service life.

Kinmore's Solutions
In Valve System

Kinmore has many years of experience in the development of valve solutions. Whether it is a liquid valve or a gas valve, we can provide a complete control solution. Kinmore’s motors and gearboxes can be customized according to customer needs, including conventional gears, worm gears, and magnetic encoders. Our complete industrial production system and strict quality control system are the guarantee of product quality.