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Report about 2018 National Gear Technology Seminar

On June 22-24, 2018, the “2018 National Gear Technology Symposium” was held in Zhongshan City with the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing, Synergy, and Cohesion”. The seminar was organized by China Mechanical Engineering Association and China Machinery. The highest-level technical communication conference of the national transmission industry sponsored by the General Parts Association and the China Machinery Manufacturing Association brings together international and domestic standards certification associations, gear transmission manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding high-speed rail, machinery and equipment manufacturing, and electronic information. Many well-known industry elites, corporate technology leaders, and college and university experts from precision equipment and other “industrial clusters” participated in the conference. The number of participants was about 450, including about 15 experts from Germany, the UK, and Japan.

National Gear Technology Seminar

The three-day symposium invited the top experts from the German Federal Institute of Physics Technology, the British National Gear Technology Center and China's gear industry to give keynote speeches. Including: intelligent manufacturing, connotation, technology and practice of gear industry; international gear design, test and measurement cutting-edge technology and practice; "gear transmission + electric drive" integrated technology; gear new technology, new technology, new equipment exchanges and other major content. During the seminar, a working meeting for the preparation of the "Gear Manual" will be held, and some companies will be visited on the ground.

National Gear Technology Seminar

With the deepening of major transportation infrastructure such as the Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Guangdong's advantages and industrial upgrading will further manifest itself. In the future, we will adopt a more brand-new attitude, embrace a strong circle of friends, and look forward to conducting more dialogues, exchanges, and cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises across the country. We also hope that the guests will use this platform to enhance mutual understanding and promote pragmatic cooperation to achieve mutual benefits and win-win.

National Gear Technology Seminar

In the past 30 years, China’s gear industry has experienced three growth cycles and has become the world’s largest gear manufacturing country. With the “Made in China 2025” proposal and the development of Industry 4.0, the current gear industry is entering the fourth growth phase, facing New opportunities and challenges for transformation and upgrading.

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