DC motor sulotion for the flushing system of intelligent toilet
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Artificial intelligence just like other aspects of our lives has now made its way into our nature calling area i.e. toilets. With this new technology, now you do not have to touch the toilet seat or lid or flush handle. It will be done automatically. Yeah, you read it right, this technology equipped toilet is called Smart Toilet. The figure of the smart toilet is shown in the figure below.

The automatic flushing system is a very important component of smart toilets. It helps in the conservation of water, eliminates the stinking smells and maintains proper hygiene in your washroom automatically. Do you know an automatic flushing system is operated by DC motor? DC motor open and close the valve thus controlling the flow of water into the flushing system of a smart toilet. In addition to this, a 6V or 12V DC motor is required for the automatic flushing system. Isn’t it interesting? Let's learn some interesting facts about Kinmore Motors for automatic flushing applications.

Kinmore Motors provide very compact and powerful motors to its customers. Our range of motors is designed to do tasks according to the demand of the application. If you are looking for a DC motor for your automatic flushing system, do look at our product KM-25A370. Its speed and torque can be varied thus giving you an option to use it for commercial flushing systems as well.

automatic flushing system

Working of Kinmore DC motor in Automatic Flushing System

The dispensing device of the automatic flushing system is operated by a DC motor. There are two water level detecting probes inside the flushing tank. The quantity of water required for flushing is controlled by a control circuit. The control circuit turns on the DC motor as it receives the signal. DC motor rotates and opens the solenoid valve for flushing out the wastes. The timer is used to run the DC motor for enough time that whole wastes are flushed out without any wastage of water. The motor stops when it stops receiving signals from the control system. Therefore, the solenoid valve comes back to its original position and water starts filling up the tank.

For the automatic flushing system, high torque, and low-speed DC motor are required. Kinmore motor provides high torque DC gear motors. Our product KM-25A370-109-06111 works at low current and at low speeds which make it effective for automatic flushing systems. Also, with the addition of gear assembly with the motor, KM-25A370-109-06111 opens an opportunity to vary the speed and torque according to the customer demand without changing the design or affecting the efficiency of the DC motor.

A complete understanding of the application constraints is very essential. These limitations include power, speed, torque, physical size, efficiency and life of a motor. We will discuss these parameters in detail alongside Kinmore Motors’s characteristics.

automatic flushing system

Requirements for Motor Selection For Automatic Flushing


Torque is the most important criterion for selecting a motor for any application. The load torque should be between 75-100% of the rated motor torque. AC motors cannot work in this case because their initial torque is low. They also require 220V input which makes them unfit for this application. So, a DC motor having a battery supply or a rectifier when using with AC line voltage is a good option for smart toilets. KM motors provide a range of DC motors to its customers.  Kinmore motors starting torque can be varied by adding gear train to the motors. Different torque values at different loads of our KM motor model KM-25A370-99-06111 is given in the figure below.

smart toliets


DC motors provide an advantage of speed control through the control system. Combining high initial torque and a speed control system we can use KM -25A370-109-06111 in smart toilets. KM DC motors provide an efficient speed control when connected with a proper feedback system.

The torque-speed characteristics are very important for selecting any motor. The torque-speed characteristic graph of Kinmore motors product KM -25A370-109-06111 is shown below. The figures show that the initial torque of KM -25A370-109-06111 is high which is the requirement for an automatic flushing system.

DC motor for smart toilet


The efficiency of DC motors depends upon the working atmosphere, loading conditions and proper maintenance. KM motors strictly follow the IP rating system. For Smart toilets, KM gear motors will be highly recommended as they have high efficiency and minimum maintenance required.

Vibration & Noise Characteristics

Suppose the motor of the flushing system makes noise and has vibration then the consumer will hesitate to use this bathroom or recommend it to others even the bathroom is highly techy. The motors in intelligent toilets should have low vibration and noise. Kinmore Motors have very low noise and vibration values. Our DC motors are made from permanent magnet which makes them ideal for use with gear reduces and has much quieter operation.

Life Time

The duty cycle of the DC motor is one of the most influential aspects that restrict its use in a variety of applications. The Life cycle of the DC motor depends upon proper working of bearings, the brushes, and the commutator. The brushes and the commutator wears down as the motor operates. Motors in automatic flushing of intelligent toilets have to run in cycles. So, a DC motor having a high cycle life will be a requirement.

Suggestion and Recommendation

Kinmore Motors model KM-25A370-109-06111 can be used for an automatic flushing system. Its load and torque characteristics make it suitable for the smart toilet application.


The automatic flushing system is becoming more and more important in the smart toilets. If you are looking for the DC motor for your smart toilets, come to Kinmore, and you will find the perfect solution for your project. As a professional DC motor supplier, we are able to produce the exactly motor based on your personal customization.

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