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How DC motor works in the Submersible Pump

A submersible pump also called a sub-pump or electric submersible pump (ESP). As the name pump shows, the submersible pump lifts water from low level to high level or to flow liquid from the low-pressure area to high-pressure area. ESP has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. Submersible pumps are placed inside the fluid to be pumped. Due to this reason, they do less work than the other pumps. Multi-stage centrifugal pumps are used in ESP installation.

Submersible Pump

Motors usually used in submersible pumps are electric motors. In Submersible pumps, the impeller mounts directly pump on the end of the motor shaft, and the casing attaches directly to the motor frame. In this way, the pump rotates at the same speed as does the motor. The pumped liquid is circulated around the motor for cooling purposes. There are both AC and DC powered pumps available?

With the advancement in technology and more frequent use of solar-powered pumps, the DC motors have gained significant importance. 6,12,24 and 32 V DC motorized submersible pumps are now available. The advantage of the 12V DC power supply is that it is more common in commercial applications. Kinmore Motors provides a variety of 12V DC motors. These motors transfer their mechanical energy to kinetic or rotary energy efficiently. Kinmore Motors make permanent magnet DC motors (PMDC) for their customers. PMDC motors have high speeds and torque values. Higher life span and proper sealing of PMDC motors enable Kinmore Motors to be used in submersible pumps. A very common Kinmore 12 V PMDC motor is shown in the figure below.

Submersible Pump

How does Kinmore Motor work in a Submersible pump? What is the physics behind it? Let's Figure this out.

Working of Kinmore Motor in Submersible Pump

The shaft of the DC motor is connected to the impeller. As the motor rotates, it rotates the impeller with itself. The speed of the impeller is the same as the speed of the motor. The impeller produces pressure inside the pump which results in the movement of water from a lower level to a higher level. Kinmore Motors provides efficient coupling of the motor and the impeller. This coupling runs the motor and impeller at the same speeds and higher efficiency. There is a minimum of internal losses inside the KM motors.

As for now, we have learned about the operation and working of DC motors in pumps. Let’s figure out the features which are considered while choosing a motor for a submersible pump and how KM motors provide the solution to these problems.

Kinmore Motor's Characteristics For Submersible Pumps

Wear Resistant Shaft

The Shaft of Kinmore Motor Model RS-555SHVC2J2-4037DQC2-01 is made up of stainless steel. The stainless steel shaft minimizes the chances of wear due to the coupling mechanism. Also, Model RS-555SHVC2J2-4037DQC2-01 provides a better transfer of speed to the pump.

Working Life

The working life of Model RS-555SHVC2J2-4037DQC2-01 is more than 15,000 hours. The working life also depends upon the loading condition on the motor shaft and accumulation of any foreign particle in the motor when working under the water. Both these conditions affect the working life of the motor. KM motors manufacture very compact motors to reduce the chances of any intrusion inside the motor.

Efficiency and Performance

KM Model RS-555SHVC2J2-4037DQC2-01 works efficiently when operated at rated speed and torque. PMDC motors produced by KM motors have higher efficiency when working at optimal temperature and rated speed. If the motor is operated at the no-load condition for too long will damage the windings. This will result in the inefficiency of the motor. The performance curve of the PMDC Model RS-555SHVC2J2-4037DQC2-01 is shown in the figure below.

Submersible Pump

Size and Safety

The advantage of PMDC motors is that. they are small and have very high speeds. Kinmore motors are small, easy to operate and safe. The vibrations and noises are reduced by our design team.  Submersible motors somehow must cool themselves. Motors cool themselves by transferring the heat generated inside the motor to the water which is flowing past the motor and into the pump. Most standard water well motors are designed to do this but add a little safety margin


Kinmore motors provide DC motors to operate submersible pumps. Efficiency, compact design, and, high speeds are vital variables that Kinmore looks after for ensuring the quality and long-life of the motor.

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