The Vibration Motors in the Alternating Pressure Mattress
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Comfort is particularly important for patients with a terminal illness where the priority automatically diverts to better quality in every aspect of life. Equally important is effective pressure area or pressure points care, as such patients are at high risk of developing pressure sores because of their poor general body condition. When taking care of a bed-ridden or immobile patient at home, the most significant challenge one will most likely encounter is having to keep turning that very person every time and it’s not only tiresome for that person who is suffering but the helper as well. This is where alternating pressure mattresses come in. These mattress systems have bladders positioned laterally or length-wise that slowly deflate and inflate, once at a time. This keeps the pressure points alternating throughout the body.

alternating pressure mattress

Alternating pressure therapy uses pressure distribution to stimulate blood flow due to which skin nourishes. The air cells on the mattress slowly inflate and deflate under the patient at a predetermined or adjustable cycle time. This allows time for blood flow to reach the skin healing and skin breakdown or bedsores.

The alternating pressure mattress system includes a 16-cell mattress and a variable pressure pump. This variable pressure pump is driven by an electric motor. The electric motor is connected with the pump through a gear mechanism. The pump rotates when an electric current is supplied to the motor and inflates the mattress to a certain position.

KM motors manufacture very efficient and modern technology motors. KM motors give their users the advantage of connecting their motors to the gear assembly. This gear assembly is highly appreciable when we search for motors to run the pressure pump for APM. With the help of gear assembly not only just the power from the motor is transmitted to the pump, but the output torque can be varied with the help of this gear train mechanism.

Kinmore Motor Working in APM

The KM motor in APM is connected to the control unit. Whenever a command is given to the control circuit for inflation or deflation of the mattress, the motor starts to rotate at high speed. this high speed is converted into high torque output with the help of gear assembly. This gear assembly is then connected with the pressure pump which moves the air through the pipe and inflates the mattress. A 6V DC input is required for running the KM motor.

It can be seen that the mattress has to inflate according to the required condition, and also it should be filled with air at a constant speed and without any vibration or noise. We will discuss why are we recommending this very model for use RS-395SHVC2-13130U in alternating pressure mattress.

dc motor for mattress

Kinmore Motor's Characteristics For Submersible Pumps

Torque and Speed

At no load, the RS-395SHVC2-13130U rated voltage of 12V DC, this motor has a speed over 3600 r.p.m at the Current of 0.13 A. At maximum efficiency, torque value raises to with speed around 2845 r.p.m at current value 0.21A. The more the load the more the gearset operates and torque raises.

vibration motor for mattress

Maintenance and Life Cycle

We Kinmore Motors are popular out there for a reason. Our RS-395SHVC2-13130U model DC motor is highly efficient and requires less maintenance. This very motor operates at the Temperatures ranges between -10℃ ~ 60℃ and relative humidity of 30%~95% which are most usually common for all regions and hence will work efficiently almost


Any vibration in motor of APM will cause disturbance in the patient's room. Kinmore Motors give you a minimum noise and vibration values. The low noise is due to smooth loading characteristics at a high speed of KM motors. The DC motors are made from permanent magnet which makes them ideal for use with gear reducers and has a much quieter operation.


RS-395SHVC2-13130U is a great choice for Alternating Pressure Mattress. Comfort is the primary concern whenever we look after a patient. APM does provide comfort but choosing a proper DC motor for its operation is very necessary. KM motors provide you the luxury of using their DC motors in APM with their high efficiency and smooth operation characteristics.

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