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Lightweight and convenient small home pump came into being

Gone are those days when everything used to be gigantic, bulky, and massive chunks of heavyweights. Every piece of equipment in the older days used to be massive and had an enormous amount of metals, i.e., steel or iron, for no reason. Same goes for water pumps, they are big and once fixed they cannot be used for any other application, even if it is not fixed in a single location, it is still quite heavy to carry around, even in your vehicle. Not only their physical structure, but its electric consumption was way too high while the efficiency was below average. That is why these new electric DC-based pumps came into being. They are not only light, compact, and easy to carry around, but they also require less power and are capable of being connected to solar panels as well.



Such pumps have an electric motor of DC type; hence they require 12V to run. The electric motor is connected to an impeller. The pump also has intake and exit areas where water or any other fluid is supposed to enter and leave. This impeller is connected using a shaft with the electric motor. When the pump is switched on, the motor starts rotating. As a result, the impeller rotates. The impeller creates suction at its eye and creates a vacuum inside the pump assembly. Water hence due to this suction enters the pump through the intake, this impeller through its vanes pushes the water outwards tangentially due to which water leaves the pump through the exit opening and hence operates in such way. Kinmore motors excel at the design and manufacturing of motors for all aspects of machinery. They have never disappointed any client when it comes to the performance and quality of its products.


Advantages of Kinmore Motors


99% pure copper windings

Sturdy construction

Better torque and speed values




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