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Automotive Motor
Nowadays, Kinmore Motor manufactures automotive motors almost by the entirely automated lines. There are more than 110 testing devices, as well as FMEA and PPAP, to support a battery of tests including material incoming test, 100% inspection on lines, packing vibration and outgoing inspection before delivery. It ensures that every motor we provide is RoHs/Reach/CE compliant. We also bring in so many advanced inspection facilities to improve our quality control ability that our Customer Reject Rate is less than 30 parts per million.

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  • Verified Manufacturer

    Kinmore is DC motor / Gear motor manufacturer which has been verified by independent 3rd party.

  • Supplier Capability Assessment:

    Kinmore has a supplier audit from an indep
    endent 3rd party.

  • Kinmore's factory has been certified the ISO14001:2004.

  • Kinmore's factory has been certified the ISO9001:2008.

  • Kinmore's factory has been certified the IATF16949.

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