Model No. :RS-545SHFJ2-5321F
36mm DC Motor

Key Features:

1. Metal End Cap;
2. Class F Magnet Wire;
3. Carbon Brush;
4. Stainless Steel Shaft;
5. High Power, High Speed and Long life span;
6. Built-in 1 PC Fan;
7. With Double Ball Bearing;
8. Typical Application : Vaccum Cleaner


1. All values approximate;
2. Customized electric performance on request by using suitable windings;
3. Available with required cables and accessories after evaluation

Product Description

1. The dimensions drawing

Customizable Design

1. Length A, B;
2. Technical Data;
3. Flux Ring & Cooling Fan;
4. EMC/EMI Suppression

2. Technical datasheet

Test voltage:25.2±0.5%VDC
Item No load At Max efficiency At stall(Extrapolated)
Current Speed Current Speed Torque Output Eff Current Torque
A r/min A r/min mNm W % A mNm
2.05 38118 12.44 32724 63.82 218.7 69.8 75.46 451
Torque constant(mNm/A) 6.14 Motor resistance(Ω) 0.33 Speed constant((r/min)/mNm) 84.52
Specification in mass production (Might be adjusted after few production runs)
Item No load Fan load At stall
Current Speed Current Speed Current Torque
A r/min A r/min A mNm
Specification 3 max 37500±10% 6.7max 34500±10%rpm 113.19 max 360.8 min
   Other items Sample test data Specification in mass production
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