Model No. :KM-26M300
26mm Gear Motor

Key Features:

1. Bi-direction;
2. Metal Brush ;
3. Plastic Gears;


1. All values approximate;
2. Customized electric performance on request by using suitable windings;
3. Available with required cables and accessories after evaluation

Product Description

1. The dimensions drawing

Customizable Design

1. Length ;
2. Technical Data;
3. Shaft Shape

2. Technical datasheet

Item Performance Unit Instruction
Rated Voltage 2.2 V DC regulated power supply
Rotation of direction Stretch out and draw back movement  While Red wire connects to the positive pole and the pushrod will be pushed upward. (See the outdrawing for ref.)
 Current Limiting 60 mA
 Rated Force 8 Min kgf Reference:17 kgf  Max.
 Displacement Distance 4.5 mm
Voltage Range 2~3.3 V
Stall Current 90 mA
Working Temperature -30~+60  Reference
 Noise Level 40dB dB(A) 30cm Distance Background noise less than


3. The gearbox datasheet

Gearbox length/L(mm) General Reduction Ratios
23.3 516:1


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