Automatic cleaning device for pet poop, highlighted by Knimore Motor

Automatic cleaning device for pet poop, highlighted by Knimore Motor

About Automatic cleaning device for pet poop

At present, with regard to the automatic treatment system for pet feces, pet feces need to be processed manually and flushed manually. When cleaning up excrement, people must do it themselves so that the pet can have a comfortable “home”. In the treatment of pet excrement, the treatment of pet excrement after it is excreted from the body still adopts traditional manual processing methods. It takes about half an hour to process about 1 to 3 animals at a time.

Automatic cleaning device for pet poop

This method is not only primitive but also time-consuming to dispose of excrement. Some excrements are dirty, smelly, infected with bacteria, and cannot be cleaned in all directions so that they cannot achieve the effect of efficient and thorough cleaning. Therefore, we urgently need a pet feces cleaning and processing device to deal with the above problems.

The pet feces cleaner is such a device. It can clean up pet feces at any time. It uses a robot to replace the artificial high wall cleaning device for cleaning the wall. As a smart product, the pet feces automatic cleaning device is very functional and intimate. The automatic pet feces cleaning device has four modes, manual mode, induction mode, timing model, and clearing mode. Because it has mobile APP control, even when going out, it can be controlled by mobile phone, which is very intimate and convenient. Its automatic induction cleaning operation mode allows the shovelers to bid farewell to the troubles of manual cleaning and makes the time of raising pets more happy and comfortable.

How the automatic cleaning device for pet poop works

The working principle of the “automatic cleaning device for pet feces” is that two bearings are fixed on a shelf, the shelf can be rotated, a plastic conveyor belt is sleeved on the two bearings, and a micromotor is installed on one bearing. A water spray device, a brush, and a collection tank are also installed on the shelf. The water spray device is controlled by a solenoid valve. A micromotor is installed on the brush. A collection bucket is placed under the feces collection tank.

Automatic cleaning device for pet poop

A motor capable of opening and closing the cover of the collection bucket is installed on the collection bucket. There are a scraper and a trash bin at the back of the cleaning brush, which can be taken out when the trash is full. The scraper is to scrape the rubbish on the rotating cleaning brush into the rubbish bin. The effect can be used to clean the ground well, and it can automatically avoid obstacles during operation.

The product structure of Kinmore Motor has been optimized and designed to achieve a small size and lightweight. It manufactures high-quality DC motors and DC gear motors for pet feces automatic cleaning devices to meet the design requirements of the device and meet different application scenarios and operating conditions. Consumers bring comfort and portability.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Higher operating efficiency. 
  • The motor has a long service life. 
  • Ultra-quiet operation and low noise. 
  • Customized electrical properties, such as voltage and speed after evaluation.


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