Automotive air conditioning baffle

Automotive air conditioning baffle

Solution for Automotive air conditioning baffle

Air conditioning is now standard on cars. Due to the development of science and technology, the current car air conditioners can already be controlled by computers. The computer-controlled air conditioning system can automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, air volume and wind direction of the air in the car to provide passengers with a good riding environment and ensure that passengers are in a comfortable air environment under various external climates and conditions.

Automotive air conditioning baffle

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

The air conditioner baffle is a device for controlling the air conditioner damper, and its power source is a DC micro motor. The motor provided by kinmore has powerful power and cooperates with the control system, so that the air conditioner baffle can open the damper according to the actual needs, and adjust the wind direction according to the need, so that the car can quickly reach a comfortable temperature.

Kinmore Motor for Automotive air conditioning baffle

Motor Features:

  • electrical properties such as voltage and speed can be customized after evaluation.
  • Type B (UEW) winding wire.
  • Precious metal brush to ensure long service life.
  • Noise below 45dB.
  • Low cogging torque and stable performance.

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