Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP)

Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP)

Solution for Electric Vacuum Pump

The vacuum boosting effect of the car brake system is very important, which is related to the driving safety of the car. In the car brake assist system, if the vacuum booster obtains insufficient vacuum or even can not obtain a vacuum, the boosting effect of the brake system will be greatly reduced. The Electric Vacuum Pump(EVP) can monitor the change of the vacuum in the booster through the vacuum sensor, thus ensuring sufficient boosting effect under various driving conditions. It is commonly used in electric cars,turbocharged gasoline engines and diesel engines. When used in diesel engines, it can replace traditional mechanical vacuum pumps to save energy.

Electric Vacuum Pump

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

Inside the vacuum pump, the electric motor operates as a source of power, trapping the air and sweeping it through the pump, creating a partial vacuum behind it. Kinmore provides a reliable and efficient motor that generates enough vacuum for the brake booster to save energy while also improving driving stably.

Kinmore Motor for Electric Vacuum Pump

Motor Features:

  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation
  • Vacuum pumping speed: 4.5s
  • Working current: 8.5A < dB @30cm
  • Long service life: 600 hours
  • Corrosion resistance: electrophoretic coating 480h, color galvanized layer 144h    

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