Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)

Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)

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The electronic throttle control system precisely controls the gate of the car’s engine throttle. Not only does it improve fuel usage to reduce emissions, but also increase the sensitivity of the car’s engine response to acceleration, deceleration, and steering. Therefore, it plays a major role in the vehicle’s idle speed control, cruise control and stability control.

Electronic Throttle Control(ETC)

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

In this application, the DC motor provided by Kinmore is used to control the switching gate of the throttle valve, allowing it to be precisely and quickly adjusted to the wanted angle. Powerful, controllable motors provide stable power support for automotive control systems.

Kinmore Motor for Electronic Throttle Control(ETC)

Motor Features:

  •  The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after evaluation
  •  Low noise
  • Stable performance  

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