Central door lock system

Central door lock system

Solution for Central door lock system

The central door lock system can lock and unlock all doors and doors on the car. Nowadays, the electronic system cooperates with the use of traditional keys, which greatly improves the convenience and security of the car door lock system.

Central door lock system

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

The central door lock system can change the direction of its movement by changing the polarity of the micro motor, so as to achieve the locking or opening of the door. The micro motor provided by kinmore is perfectly suitable for the central door lock system. With the electronic system, it can easily provide sufficient power support for the entire system.

Kinmore Motor for Central door lock system

Motor Features:

  • electrical properties such as voltage and speed can be customized after evaluation.
  • Compact carbon brush structure.
  • Class F insulation grade and high temperature resistance, high safety.
  • Low cogging torque and stable performance.
  • Noise less than 45dB, long service life.(<50dB@45.72cm) 

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