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Amid the development of society and the maturity and practical application of various technologies, the emergence of intelligent robots brings a lot of conveniences. Many industries solve some problems by using intelligent robots to replace human beings. Kinmore focuses on the development and production of the robot and intelligent systems and offers a full set of intelligent power solutions with reliable DC motors and gear motors.

Gear Motor Solution for Handheld Stabilizer

With the advancement of the times, there is an increasing demand for people to take pictures or video with a photographing device. In the prior art, various selfie sticks have begun to appear as auxiliary tools for shooting devices. However, the selfie stick cannot compensate for the shaking of our

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Charging Robot

Charging Robot Powered by High Efficient Motor

Solution for Charging Robot In recent years, electric vehicles have gradually become consumers’ favorite due to their environmental protection, low cost of use, and preferential purchases. As electric vehicles become more popular in cities, the number of charging stations that need to be configured has gradually increased. An automatic charging

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Coin Exchange Machine3

Motor Solution for Coin Exchange Machine

Solution for Coin Exchange Machine The coin exchange machine is an automatic exchange machine that can receive large denominations of currency and exchange coins. This process usually charges a fee. It is usually located near machines that do not accept banknotes, including parking meters, laundromats, or vending machines that do

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Gear Motor Solution for Mechanical Arm

About Mechanical Arm In today’s life, with the advancement of science and technology, the biggest difference between robotic arms and human arms is flexibility and endurance. The biggest advantage of the manipulator is that it can repeat the same action and never feel tired under normal mechanical conditions! The robotic

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electric remote control toy plane

DC Motor Solution for Electric Remote Control Toy Plane

Children nowadays are spoiled by technology. The childhood of the post-2000s and post-10s is full of mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles, and traditional toys are difficult to attract them. In order to improve competitiveness, toy manufacturers have incorporated more and more high-tech products into their products in recent years,

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motor for intelligent robot mower

DC Motor for Intelligent Weeding Robot

About Intelligent Weeding Robot Under the scorching sun, manual weeding is tiring, and the work efficiency will be very low. Besides, because of the high labor intensity of weeding, workers are reluctant to do that job, and the cost is high. So, facing a large swath of lush weeds is

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Humanoid Robot

Humanoid Robot DC Motor Solution

About Humanoid Robot Humanoid robots, also known as bionics, are robots designed to imitate the appearance and behavior of humans. In particular, it refers to a type of robot that has a body similar to humans and can imitate human functions and actions. Humanoid robots can act as executive personal

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the vending machine

Gear Motor Solution for Vending Machine

About Vending Machine A vending machine is a machine that can automatically pay for goods based on the coins you put in. It is a commonly used equipment for commercial automation, which is not restricted by time and place, can save energy, and facilitate transactions. It is a brand-new form

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