Drive Solutions for the Electric Crepe Maker

Drive Solutions for the Electric Crepe Maker

About the electric crepe maker

I believe anyone who has made crepes with their own hands knows that it takes lots of thought to make good crepes. Delicious pancakes are warm and full in color, and the crust is flexible and elastic. That has requirements for the thickness of the crust and the temperature of the pan. Those who know how to cook may miss it. A simple electric pancake The machine can make crepes, even pancakes and millet cakes.

The electric crepe maker is now an Internet celebrity in the kitchen. It is different from the traditional crepe maker that needs to spread the noodles evenly. As long as the machine is heated in advance and then placed on the batter horizontally, the heat will burn a thin layer of batter. On the pancake machine, the heat will slowly steam the pancakes. Its advantage lies in its fast production speed, easy control of the heat, and the thickness of the cake can be controlled.

electric crepe maker

The electric pancake maker consists of a handle, bakeware, and a simple switch with no complicated function. Besides, a batter basin and an egg beater are also provided, and the size of the batter basin is just enough to fit the pan of the pancake maker.

The 3D spherical bakeware design of the host makes it difficult for the excess batter to accumulate, thereby ensuring that the crust is light and uniform from the inside to the outside, improving the taste and shape of the noodles, and the cake can be quickly discharged. Matching with leather texture will help heat more evenly, ensuring that each pancake is of uniform thickness and excellent quality that is not easy to break. The bakeware is 20 cm in diameter, which is just right for desserts and salty spots.

Principle of electric pancake machine

The electric pancake machine adopts a suspension and flattening structure, automatic temperature control, independent temperature control of the upper and lower heating plates, and the upper or lower plate can be used alone for baking. The upper plate oil box adopts a triple-function locking ring design, which is effective in locking the temperature, moisture, and oil droplets, making the baked food softer, shorter, and more energy-saving. After turning on the power, turn on the upper and lower plate switches, the upper plate heating indicator lights up, and the upper plate starts to heat up. The green power indicator light and the red preheat indicator light are on at the same time.

electric crepe maker

The electric crepe maker enters the preheating state, and all the buttons cannot be set. The preheating time is set at five minutes before leaving the factory. When the set time is reached, it will automatically alarm and the preheating indicator will turn green. At this time, the corresponding menu can be set. Put in the food that needs to be roasted and press the menu button to enter the corresponding working time. When the set time is reached, an alarm will sound. You can also use the upper plate or the lower plate alone for roasting. When the upper plate is used alone, the lower plate switch is turned off, the lower plate is not powered, and the menu does not work. Besides, its body is light and handy, and the edge seams are finely crafted into anti-scalding handles, which are far away from heating surfaces and are safe to use.

The operation of the electric crepe maker is closely related to the built-in motor. Therefore, the micromotor is the core component of the electric crepe maker. With years of experience in drive technology solutions, Kinmore Motor today launched a set of motor solutions for electric pancake machines to the market, bringing customers more high-quality and highly adaptable products. With the help of Internet of Things technology and smart home air outlets, Kinmore Motor has begun to realize a more powerful and intelligent transmission function of equipment based on electric pancake machines with more scene-based applications.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Higher operating efficiency. 
  • The motor has a long service life. 
  • Customized electrical properties such as voltage and speed after evaluation.
  • The noise during motor operation is low.


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