Health Care Devices

Kinmore Motor has designed an array of solutions fitting for industrial tools like power drills, spraying machines, industrial fans, and pumps. We provide a wide range of industrial solutions with sufficiently durable DC motors and gear motors that can withstand different operating conditions. All motors are designed to be satisfied with the experiments required by the specific working environment like temperature and humidity.

intelligent medicine box

Motor Solution For The Intelligent Medicine Box

Project Background With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous improvement of health concepts, there are now a large number of people with chronic diseases around us, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc., who need long-term medication, and they are not aware of the

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Customized Kinmore Motor for Air Disinfector

brushless DC Motor Solution for Medical Sterilizer

Amid the air problems brought about by industrialization, the medical sterilizer is playing a vital role in improving people’s living standards and air quality. Besides, with the spread of the epidemic, air disinfection is an important measure to prevent hospital infections. It is suitable for air disinfection in the Operating

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DC Motor Solution for Breathing Apparatus

With the pandemic severely spreading around the world, countries at the height of the epidemic, except for the need for masks and protective clothing, are in urgent need of a medical device: breathing apparatus.   What is Breathing Apparatus? In modern clinical medicine, among many medical devices are indispensable instruments

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High Torque Motor Sloution for the Medical Pendants

A pendant tower is essential gas-supplying medical equipment in the modern Operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for the terminal transfer of oxygen supply, suction, compressed air, nitrogen, and other medical gases in the Operating room. It is safe and reliable to control the lifting of the

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electric intelligent mattresses

Customized DC Motor for Electric Smart Mattresses

Project Background As one of the medical devices, electric smart mattresses enjoy numerous advantages. For example, They can not only monitor sleep conditions in real-time and report sleep quality but also provide practical and effective solutions for improving deep sleep time and improving sleep quality. With the aging process of

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medical air pump

DC Motor Solution for Medical Air Pump

About Medical Air Pump The medical air pump is a multi-purpose energy-saving medical device. It draws on the high-quality Model structure of similar products at home and abroad using three-dimensional computing Modeling to optimize the design with a more reasonable structure and superior performance. The main components are processed in

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Alternating Pressure Mattress

Alternating Pressure Mattress Motor Solution

Solution for Alternating Pressure Mattress Comfort is of key importance for patients with a terminal illness where the priority automatically diverts to better quality in every aspect of life. Alternating pressure mattress has bladders positioned laterally or length-wise that slowly deflate and inflate, once at a time. This keeps the

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