High-quality smart tissue dispenser, highlighted by Kinmore Motor

High-quality smart tissue dispenser, highlighted by Kinmore Motor

About Smart Tissue Dispenser

Most of the existing tissue boxes are hand-pulled paper tape-type boxes with a paper roll inside and a paper outlet at the front end. The user needs to pull out and tear the tissue by hand when taking the paper, which is troublesome and unsanitary to use. The smart tissue dispenser makes up for the shortcomings of the wall-mounted smart tissue dispenser and expands the scope of use; it can realize automatic paper feeding and cutting, avoiding direct contact with the tissues by hands, convenient and hygienic use, and avoiding cross-infection.

The smart tissue machine is transparent, and you can see if there are tissues inside, so as not to do as useless work as a small-pack tissue machine. There is a voice reminder during the paper output process reading “Don’t pull the tissue during paper output.” The original dull paper picker suddenly becomes vivid, which is comparable to facial recognition. The smart tissue machine has three modes of discharging paper automatically, which can discharge tissues as you like, and the site-based autonomous and flexible control meets 99% of the differentiated needs.

Smart Tissue Dispenser

The paper towel is automatically cut after the paper is discharged. The built-in blade design is adopted. The paper outlet is specially treated to double the protection for the elderly and children. The paper-knife is not sharpened and will not hurt your hands even if it is removed. Besides, a built-in ultraviolet sterilization lamp is automatically discharged. When using paper, the surface of the paper towel can be disinfected, preventing secondary pollution, and users are more at ease.

The working principle of smart paper towel machine

The smart tissue machine includes a housing in which a toilet paper storage bin, a paper feeding mechanism, an electric paper cutting mechanism, and a motor control circuit are arranged; the electric paper cutting mechanism includes a static blade and a movable blade hinged at one end. The other end of the movable blade is provided with a sliding groove. A sliding wheel is clamped in the sliding groove. A support plate is fixed under the movable and static blades.

Smart Tissue Dispenser

The support plate is fixed with a belt composed of a driving wheel, a driven wheel, and a transmission belt is driven by a motor. Type transmission mechanism, one end of the rotating shaft of the sliding wheel in the sliding groove on the movable blade is clamped with the transmission belt. Kinmore Motor provides the drive and motor technology required for this type of smart tissue machine.

As a leading company in the motor industry, Kinmore Motor can quickly customize motor solutions that meet customer needs. It is a reliable motor solution supplier and manufacturer. With industry-leading technology and quality advantages, all the motors it provides are manufactured through precise calculations. They are inspected to obtain the best quality and maintain their reputation in the global market.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • The performance is consistent during the life cycle.
  • High efficiency makes the service life longer and more durable.
  • The motor is small in size and stable in operation.
  • Customized electrical properties, such as voltage and speed after evaluation.


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