Home Appliance

Kinmore Motor is committed to providing users with high-quality power solutions for smart home appliances. We particularly focus on the design, development, production, and even customized services of solutions for home appliances. A variety of motors are provided to meet the different needs of household machines such as coffee machines, garbage cans, vacuum cleaners, and sweeping robots.

electric crepe maker

Motor Drive Solution for the Electric Crepe Maker

There is no better way to enjoy the new day than light and fluffy crepes. They are thinner than pancakes and can be stuffed with various fillings, from cream cheese to strawberry jam, to chicken and bell peppers. The electric crepe maker eliminates some suspicions when making a crepe and can

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electric candle

Electric Candle Motor Solution

About Electric Candle To pursue a comfortable and elegant living space, people are very particular about the structure of the indoor environment atmosphere. In addition to interior decoration, candles are often used to change the indoor environment atmosphere. However, traditional candles are lit by open flames and generate lots of

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aromatherapy machine

Motor Solution for Aromatherapy Diffuser

With the increasing life pressure aroused by the accelerated pace of life, many people need to relax physically and mentally after a whole day of work. To this end, the aroma diffuser has become a popular and relaxing product. A high-quality aroma diffuser can have an intense effect. In addition to refreshing

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Coffee Maker

Motor Solution for Coffee Maker

Solution for Coffee Maker In a coffee maker, water is circulated by means of a pump between the water reservoir and the heating element of the Coffee Maker. This very pump has the capacity to generate a pressure of up to 130 PSI which is not possible without harnessing the

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Smart Waste Bin Motor Solution

Project Backgroundn To make life easier in the home or kitchen, trash cans are having a revolution! Forget the traditional pedal bins or open them by hand. Cooking requires dirtying and getting your hands dirty, and the automatic trash cans with motion sensors arrive as a backup. These open by

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Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner Motor Solution

Project Background With economic development, the living standards of residents continue to improve. More people live in duplex buildings or houses with large areas, and residents have an increasing demand for powerful vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner motor is equivalent to the heart of the vacuum cleaner. Generally speaking, the

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Sweeping Robot Motor Solution

Like all technologies, robotic vacuum cleaners have evolved and continue to develop rapidly. The first robot vacuum cleaners to come out in the 1990s were too stupid and too expensive to be of any use to us. Since then, things have made great progress, and robot vacuum cleaners became a

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Smart Trash Can

Motor Solution for Smart Trash Can

Solution for Smart Trash Can In the smart trash can, the barrel lid will open automatically if someone gets close to it, and it will shut off automatically after five seconds. This whole mechanism is based on various sensors that rely on the feedback system of the circuit. Those sensors

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Smart Toilet

Gear Motor Solution for Smart Toilet

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, smart toilet covers are becoming more and more known and accepted by people. So what exactly is a smart toilet lid? It can be called intelligence. It must have high-tech content. People who are familiar with smart

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