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The largest applications area of kinmore motor is home appliance. For example,the coffee machine, door lock, vacuum cleaner and jucier are used in everywhere for people’s life. Kinmore always offer the reliable and excellent quality motors and anticipate customers needs while refining our product to continually supply Kinmore’s customers with the very best in motors.
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Home appliance Solution: Coffee Maker

Solution for Coffee Maker In a coffee maker, water is circulated by means of a pump between the water reservoir and the heating element of the Coffee Maker. This very pump has the capacity to generate a pressure of up to 130 PSI which is not possible without harnessing the

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Home appliance Solution:Automatic Tea Makers

Solution for Automatic Tea Makers  Nowadays, the fully automatic tea makers have become one of the most common household appliances. It combines boiling water and tea making, simplifying the entire process and adapting to the fast-paced life of today. Since the tea machine is highly automated, we only need to

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Home appliance Solution: Smart Waste Bin

Solution for Smart Waste Bin   With the development of the economy, the expansion of the city and the surge in population, the quality of life of people is constantly improving. Due to the increasing urban waste, garbage disposal has become a major problem. The best way to manage garbage is

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Home appliance Solution: Hand-held Vacuum Cleaners

Solution for Hand-held Vacuum Cleaners Unlike ordinary household vacuum cleaners, hand-held vacuum cleaners are compact and easy to carry and use. It is especially suitable for places where large vacuum cleaners are not convenient such as interiors, cabinets, shelves, clothes, and corners. How Kinmore Makes Improvement A vacuum pump driven

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Home appliance Solution: Sweeping Robots

Solution for Sweeping Robots With the improvement of people’s living standards, sweeping robots are slowly becoming popular due to their simple operation and intelligent interaction. It has now become an important member of smart appliances and with great very popularity. How Kinmore Makes Improvement The motor provided by Kinmore is

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Home appliance Solution: Smart Trash Can

Solution for Smart Trash Can In the smart trash can, the barrel lid will open automatically if someone gets close to it, and it will shut off automatically after five seconds. This whole mechanism is based on various sensors that rely on the feedback system of the circuit. Those sensors

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