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Automatic Tea Makers

Solution for Automatic Tea Makers

 Nowadays, the fully automatic tea makers have become one of the most common household appliances. It combines boiling water and tea making, simplifying the entire process and adapting to the fast-paced life of today. Since the tea machine is highly automated, we only need to press a small button to make a good cup of tea.

Automatic Tea Makers

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

The internal drive, rotation and other functions of the automatic tea machine require the power of a micro motor. The geared motors provided by Kinmore are suitable for such products and provide power solutions. Due to the high temperature and humidity in the working environment of the tea machine, our motor can be customized to withstand high temperatures and has certain liquid protection. The low-speed geared motor is also perfect for the smooth and stable working requirements of the tea maker.    

Automatic Tea Makers

Motor Features:

  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after evaluation
  • stable performance and high efficiency
  • Small torque: 2.7mNm
  • Low speed, making the filter cup rise and fall smoothly    

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