Bread Maker

Bread Maker

Solution for Bread Maker

A bread maker is an electric oven that performs all the processes for bread making inside it. All the effort required for kneading is done inside the bread tin. So, the procedure which manually takes hours is achieved within minutes. An electric motor is used in the bread maker for the kneading process. The electric motor rotates the bread maker’s tin through an axle on top of the motor. The size of the loaf depends upon the bread maker specification. Different shapes and sizes of bread loaves can be prepared with bread makers.

Bread Maker

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

In bread maker, the measured amount of ingredients are loaded into the paddle tin and place the tin inside the oven. Choose the program using the electric control panel and the motor starts to rotate. Tin rotates as the motor is turned on and the kneading process starts. This process can be watched from the bread maker’s glass lid. The electric motor remains on until the kneading process is finished. Kinmore provides efficient and reliable motors for Bread makers. Our motors have long working hours and have the outer casing to prevent any water or any other material intrusion inside the motor.

Kinmore Motor for Bread Maker

Motor Features:

  • At max load, Speed of 425 r.p.m
  • Noise is low as 35db noise
  • Less maintenance required
  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, torque, speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation    

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