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DC Motor Solution for Smart Door Lock

Motor Solution for Smart Door Lock

The smart door is a combination of electronic and mechanical mechanisms that opens a door lock wirelessly with authorized user authentication. Smart door monitors who are leaving or entering the room thereby provides security for the house. These locks can be accessed from your smartphone and through the internet. They are highly efficient and fast. One of the neat features of them is, that you can temporarily allow people, giving them access to your home within a specific time frame. A DC motor is used in intelligent door locks for its operation.


Smart Door Lock

How Kinmore to Make Improvement

An electric motor drives a series of gears. The number of gears depends upon the output torque and speed required for that particular smart door lock application. The last gear is connected to an actuator rod. When the control circuit receives information, the motor is turned on. The rotational motion of the motor is converted into linear motion by a rack and pinion gear set. Kinmore provides efficient geared motors for smart door locks. The motors require a very small input current for their operation.


Smart Door Lock

Motor Features:

  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation
  • Stable performance and high efficiency
  • Easy to control by magnetic encoder
  • Permanent Magnet which reduces vibrations and noise
  • The life expectancy of 100,000 cycles. 


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