Smart Trash Can

Smart Trash Can

Solution for Smart Trash Can

In the smart trash can, the barrel lid will open automatically if someone gets close to it, and it will shut off automatically after five seconds. This whole mechanism is based on various sensors that rely on the feedback system of the circuit. Those sensors throughs ultra-sonic waves, and if intercepted or bounced back, the signal is sent back to the main processor and action is taken according to the program that is feed into it. the ultrasonic sensors send a signal to the micro-controller when they detect motion. That microcontroller will send the signal to the onboard DC motor and the motor will work to open the lid of the trash can.

Smart Trash Can

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

There are ultrasonic sensors, a microcontroller, and an electric motor in the smart trash can. Let’s say, the Smart Trash Can is in now idle condition. A person stands in Infront of it, the ultra-sonic sensors will sense interception of signal and hence, it will be sensed by the microcontroller. The micro-controller will act according to the program it has been fed. According to the program, the microcontroller will send a signal to the DC motor, as a result, the lid will be opened. Now, if the person is standing for more than 5seconds, the lid will be closed automatically else it will shut off the moment the person throughs the trash in the bin and goes away. Kinmore’s DC motors have high torque and speed at very low current values. These characteristics make Kinmore motors highly recommended for smart trash can application.

Kinmore Motor for Smart Trash Can

Motor Features:

  • At max efficiency, the torque raises up to 0.5Kgf.cm
  • At max efficiency, the speed is 29.5rpm at a current of 0.046A
  • The motor operates at temperatures ranging between – 25 ± 5 C and relative humidity of 60%RH
  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation

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