Smart Waste Bin

Smart Waste Bin

Solution for Smart Waste Bin

  With the development of the economy, the expansion of the city and the surge in population, the quality of life of people is constantly improving. Due to the increasing urban waste, garbage disposal has become a major problem. The best way to manage garbage is to split and recycle, and the process is cumbersome and complicated. smart waste bins came into being. They are generally equipped with filling sensors, digital management of domestic garbage with data management and logistics platform, making the garbage classification in modern life cleaner and more effective.

Smart Waste Bin

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

The geared motor produced by Kinmore motor is the best solution for the power source of smart waste bin. The smart waste bin cooperates with the sensor and data processing to realize the functions of automatic opening, packing and changing bags under the driving of the motor. Thanks to the high stability and high degree of protection of the motors we offer, they are able to perform well even in the toughest working environments.    

Kinmore Motor for Smart Waste Bin

Motor Features:

  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after evaluation
  • Stable performance and high efficiency
  • Low current, low power consumption: rated current ≤ 138 mA
  • Low voice    

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