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Smart Toilet

Solution for Smart Toilet 

Artificial intelligence just like other aspects of our lives has now made its way into our nature calling area i.e. toilets. With this new technology, now you do not have to touch the toilet seat or lid or flush handle. It will be done automatically. Yeah, you read it right, this technology equipped toilet is called Smart Toilet. Smart toilets are not only cool and super techy, but it also gives swanky feeling to the bathroom as well. Acceptance of smart toilet technology not only provides a luxurious lifestyle but its novelty also plays an important role in monitoring health and water-saving by sensing the right amount of water needed for flushing. The figure of the smart toilet is shown in the figure below.

Smart Toilet 

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

The flush valve opens when the weight circuit detects the removal of weight from the seat. This valve is driven by an electric motor and the detecting probes inside the flushing tank control the flow of water. A control circuit activates the motor and a tripping mechanism open the flush valve and drains the waste according to the signal. The tank starts to full again once this operation is completed. Kinmore motor provides DC gear motors for automatic flushing system having long life cycle and compact designs for automatic flushing systems.

Smart Toilet 

Motor Features:

  • High speed: 78 r.p.m @ 1.3 W power
  • Noise Level ≤ 35 dB @ 30cm
  • Long service life: more than 300,00 cycles
  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, torque, speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation

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