Intelligent robot mower, highlighted by Kinmore Motor

Intelligent robot mower, highlighted by Kinmore Motor

About intelligent robot mower

Under the scorching sun, manual weeding is tiring, and the work efficiency will be very low. Besides, because of the high labor intensity of mowing, workers are reluctant to do that job, and the cost is high. So, facing a large swath of lush weeds, it is indeed a headache. What are some efficient methods or technologies and equipment to achieve rapid weeding?

It is not difficult to imagine the tremendous changes and progress that full-scale mechanization has brought to industries such as agriculture, forestry, and planting in today’s era of rapid development. Nowadays, agriculture, forestry, and planting industries no longer rely mainly on animal power and manpower but instead use various machinery to replace hand tools for production to the maximum extent, such as planters, harvesters, irrigation machines, seeding machines, and felling machines. Of course, if you want to weed, you can’t do without an intelligent lawnmower.

intelligent robot mower

The intelligent lawn mower robot is easy to install, environmentally friendly, and very quiet. Once it encounters a place that is helpful for fertilization, the intelligent lawn mower robot will cut a small amount of grass. Intelligent lawn mowing robots also create the best boundary length and area for cutting grass. When the lawn is smooth, and there is no wet place, the smart lawn mower robot will work better. Intelligent lawn mowing robot technology is developing rapidly and will be used commercially shortly.

The principle of intelligent mowing robot

The intelligent lawn mower robot is a comprehensive robot system that integrates multiple functions such as environment perception, path dynamic planning, and behavior control. The intelligent lawn mower robot can identify the external working environment and perform operations based on sensor information, without or only a small amount of Manual intervention. It can work autonomously on lawns with complex outdoor ground environments and uses sensor fusion technologies such as multi-channel infrared spectroscopy to distinguish lawns from other environmental objects, improving the ability to tell and recognize grass and environment objects.

intelligent robot mower

The electric motor in the intelligent lawn mower robot can move the wheels to help mow the grass with the blade. The micromotor used for the wheels must have high torque and low speed, while the other motor used for mowing must have high speed and low torque. Generally, in intelligent lawn mowing robots, brushless DC and gear motors are the first choices for achieving these functions. Kinmore Motor provides a very efficient brushless and geared DC motor with quiet noise and low vibration.

Kinmore Motor has more than 20 years of experience in power tool motor customization and has accumulated a huge database of motor prototypes for customer reference. At the same time, it can quickly customize motor solutions that meet the requirements of customers. It is a reliable motor solution supplier and manufacturer quotient.

Motor technical parameters:

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Compact DC motor with high speed and low torque characteristics.
  • Customized electrical properties, such as voltage and speed after evaluation.
  • Compact design helps to operate the robot quietly. 
  • Low power consumption means a long running time.


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