Kinmore Motor makes the fascia gun more powerful with low noise

Kinmore Motor makes the fascia gun more powerful with low noise

About the fascia gun

If you see someone in the gym greet yourself with an “electric drill”, don’t worry. Because 80% of their hands are the “relaxing artifact” of the fashioned fitness circle in recent years-the fascia gun. Fascia gun, full name is “muscle fascia relaxing massage gun”. You may be curious about what fascia is. Anatomically, the fascia is a layer of dense connective tissue. Between the subcutaneous tissue and the muscle, it is a layered structure that can effectively reduce muscle friction and compression.

Five or six years ago, when first introduced abroad, the fascia gun was only used by individual athletes, and then it quickly entered the field of mass fitness. In recent years, it has been, in particular, popular in the fitness market in my country. The fascia gun has also earned folk nicknames such as “Relax artifact”. Compared with our daily use of foam rollers to relax, the fascia gun relaxes muscles and fascia more deeply and accurately.

The fascia gun

The fascia gun adopts a three-speed design. The first gear has a lower frequency and is used for warm-ups such as muscle arousal; the second gear has an increased frequency for fascia relaxation and can be used for physical therapy during sports training; the third gear has the highest frequency and is used for sports After the body relaxes, the decomposition of lactic acid is accelerated.

In exercise, the use of fascia gun can be divided into three parts, namely warm-up before a workout, activation during the gym, and recovery after exercise. Before the gym, we can use a fascia gun to quickly impact the muscles you want to exercise, increase the temperature and blood flow of the muscle group, and help achieve the effect of rapid warm-up.

Use the fascia gun in the interval between the two exercises to activate the tired muscles again and prepare for the next set of the gym. After the workout, we can use the fascia gun, according to the principle of the trigger point, to impact the muscles that have been exercised for a long time to help metabolize lactic acid and reduce muscle tension. For example, after doing push-ups, use a fascia gun to hit the pectoralis major and minor muscles for more than two minutes.

The fascia gun

Working principle of the fascia gun

The components of the fascia gun mainly include the main engine and the gun head. The fascia gun uses its internal customized high-speed motor to drive the “torch head”. Its function is to produce high-frequency vibrations to the deep muscles and use the principle of muscle resonance to hit and vibrate the deep muscle tissues to reduce local Tissue tension, relieve pain, promote blood circulation, accelerate recovery after injury, etc.

The fascia gun mainly acts on the myofascial membrane, using the principles of mechanics. Most of the fascia guns on the market today have an amplitude of about 10-16mm and a frequency of about 30-50Hz. The fascia gun transmits force and vibration to the fascia of the human body through high-frequency vibration (2000-3200 times/min) and the force layer by layer to the deep fascia to achieve effective relaxation and dissipate a large amount of movement. Creatine relieves fatigue, prepares for the next training, and improves athletic performance.

The fascia gun

The body has a variety of choices of five three-dimensional elastic massage heads, which can be selected according to the needs of different parts, and the built-in timing automatic timer can set each massage time to 15 minutes. The clockwise rotation acceleration ‘+’ vibration frequency is 6500 times per minute, and the counterclockwise rotation deceleration ‘-‘ low vibration frequency is 1000 times per minute, adjusted according to actual needs.

The core component of the fascia gun is the motor. As a leader in the power tool motor industry, Kinmore Motor, with its industry-leading technology and quality advantages, grandly launches motor solutions for fascia guns. This motor is model KM-5520-4040 whose space utilization rate is as high as 90%. This motor has ultra-high-speed and ultra-high load resistance. Its small size runs smoothly, ensuring maximum drive in a smaller volume force.

kinmore motor

Motor technical parameters:

kinmore motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • The motor has a super high speed.
  • Small size and stable operation.
  • Long service life.
  • Higher operating efficiency.
  • Electrical performance, such as voltage and speed, can be customized after evaluation.


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