Kinmore Motor Provides Best Drive Solution for Intelligent Clothes Hanger

Kinmore Motor Provides Best Drive Solution for Intelligent Clothes Hanger

About Intelligent clothes hanger

As a household item that people use every day, clothes poles have now become a necessity for many families. Clothespins are a characteristic product in China. The industry has been formed for more than ten years. Since its inception, the technology has been continuously improved and changed. At present, the known clothespins cannot obtain uniform sunlight for clothes and cannot sterilize clothes. The effect is that the drying effect of clothes is not good, and the drying speed is slow; long-term sunlight can also cause damage to clothes, such as color fade or discoloration.

Intelligent Clothes Hanger

Most clothespins usually move back and forth when changing clothes during use. Although there are types of equipment that can drive motion to dry clothes, the structure is too complicated and not flexible enough. It often appears to move around corners and become stuck, which is not flexible enough. Nowadays, smart clothes poles have gradually become the choice of many families.

It can ensure that clothes can be uniformly exposed to sunlight and avoid damage to clothes caused by long-term exposure. It has a simple structure, simple assembly, low cost, smooth sliding, and no obstacles at close range. Wireless remote control, intelligent induction, stop when obstruction or overload occurs, and stop automatically if the clothes are overweight, without causing damage to the motor and internal structure, and safe and secure.

Intelligent Clothes Hanger

The working principle of Intelligent clothes hanger

  1. The smart clothes rail is mainly composed of a fuselage, a power system, a control system, and a lifting system. When the first electric lifting rod and the second electric lifting rod descend at the same time, the washed clothes are manually hung on the clothes drying rod. The first electric lifting rod and the second electric lifting rod rise at the same time, the first driving device is activated, and the clothes are dried. The rod revolves along with the bottom plate, the first driving device provides power to the second driving device, and the second driving device makes the clothes drying rod rotates.
  2. Through the first electric lifting rod and the second electric lifting rod, the clothes rod can be moved up and down, which is convenient for people to fix the washed clothes on the clothes rod. The clothes rod prevents the clothes hanging on the clothes rod from being winded. When it blows off and descends, it stops running when it senses obstacles. Through the first driving device, the clothes hung on the clothes rail can revolve, so that multiple clothes can be exposed to sunlight.
Intelligent Clothes Hanger

The smart clothes rail belongs to the industries of building materials, small household appliances compatibility, furniture building materials, small household appliances, etc. It is a kind of intelligent household appliances that generate driving force through motors. Kinmore Motor has been committed to providing the best motor solutions for smart home products for many years. For this electric drying rack, Kinmore Motor deeply analyzes and understands the pain points of customers, concentrates on various driving technologies, and creates more suitable smart clothes rod drive solutions for users.

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • High-quality large-torque motor.
  • Long service life of the motor.
  • Advanced DC motor, compact, and stable operation.
  • Ultra-low power consumption, only one kilowatt-hour a year.
  • Ultra-low noise.


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