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Kinmore Motor provides best drive solution for portable electric sprayer

About the portable electric sprayer

The stylish portable indoor/car electric sprayer can produce very dry smoke by adding aerosol. It can deeply disinfect and purify the air, decompose and remove peculiar smell, remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, etc. The electric sprayer improves the air environment, and its compact design makes it easy for anyone to use; suitable for hospitals, public entertainment venues, institutions and organizations, schools, hotels, restaurants, large vehicles such as trains, airplanes, and ships, breeding farms, epidemic prevention departments. Disinfection and sterilization of a large area can be used for epidemic prevention and disinfection, especially during epidemics.

the portable electric sprayer

It is composed of a liquid storage tank connected through a filter screen, a connecting head, aspirator, a connecting pipe, a nozzle, and a nozzle in turn. Its electricity and switch are electrically connected to the battery. The suction tube eliminates the disadvantages of external filtration of disinfectant liquid and other damage to the operator and saves effort.

At the same time, the pressure of the electric pump is higher than that of the manual suction cylinder, the atomization effect is good, and the efficiency is high (up to 3 to 4 times of the ordinary hand sprayer), the labor intensity is low, the wearing parts are few, and the maintenance rate is the lowest. The atomization reaches or exceeds the electric sprayer, and the straight spray range reaches 7 to 11 meters. Safe and efficient electric sprayers have played an extremely significant role in the fight against the epidemic.

Principle of an electric pump sprayer

The electric sprayer uses the Bernoulli principle, which means that in a homogeneous environment, the flow rate is large, but the pressure is small. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the three-pronged pipe, the low-speed flowing water flows to the high-speed flowing air. The water is torn into droplets by the high-speed air (Imagine that the water flowing out of the faucet has a slow speed at first, which is a water column. But then the speed gradually increases and then becomes drop by drop). These small water droplets become fog after spraying out.

the portable electric sprayer

The electric sprayer drives the diaphragms on the left and right end plungers to reciprocate in tandem through the motor. In the left and right pump chambers, there are four one-way ball valves up and down. The movement of the diaphragm causes the volume in the working chamber to change, forcing the four one-way ball valves to open and close alternately so that the liquid is continuously sucked and discharged.  

The electric sprayer uses a battery as the source of power to drive a small motor to generate a pressure difference to form a high-speed water flow and then use the metal spacer in the nozzle to block the high-speed water flow, thereby producing an atomization effect. The low-voltage DC power supply provides energy, drives the low-voltage electric water pump to suck out the liquid in the liquid storage tank, and enters the spray rod through the infusion tube for spraying. The spray can be sprayed through the nozzle, or the direct spray distance is 8-10 meters.

The water pump can be said to be the heart of the electric sprayer. Because of its high-speed operation, it can produce a strong pressure difference. It sucks water from the inlet pipe and sprays it out from the outlet pipe to form a high-speed water flow to complete the spraying operation. The motor is the power source of the water pump. As a leader in the power tool motor industry, Kinomore Motor, relying on industry-leading technology and quality advantages, grandly launches low-voltage DC motor solutions for electric sprayers, bringing customers better performance, safe, and efficient electric sprayers.

motor for the portable electric sprayer

Motor technical parameters:

motor for the portable electric sprayer

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Flexible drive mode.
  • Long service life of the motor.
  • Advanced low-voltage DC motor runs smoothly.
  • Customized electrical properties such as voltage and speed after evaluation.
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