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About car massage chair

In our daily life, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation. However, driving in a busy metropolis is a painful experience. The heavy traffic not only keeps our nerves in a tight state at all times but also is very easy to get tired. So many people installed car massage chairs for their cars to relieve the fatigue caused by work.

car massage chair

The car seat has a beautiful appearance and is suitable for a wide range of people. As a massage chair, it is a combination of a sofa and advanced electric massage technology. Its appearance is similar to that of an ordinary sofa, but it includes intelligent design, five massage techniques, 3-level massage intensity, and rhythm adjustment methods. It is suitable for the seat of any car model without additional accessories or modifications.

The car massage chair incorporates a brand-new health concept. The car is dual-purpose and has a simple operation, eliminating driving fatigue and making driving a pleasure. The cushion is foldable, small in size, ultra-thin design, light in weight, and easy to carry. A gentle and powerful message that penetrates deep into the muscles to provide you with a comfortable and effective massage. The unified expression of health care and leisure creates a new concept of healthy massage. Massage chair massage can dredge the meridians, circulate qi and blood, maintain the balance of yin and yang of the body, effectively eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, relax muscles and collaterals, improve blood circulation, and relax all muscles that are tight after driving.

car massage chair

The principle of the car massage chair

The principle of the car massage chair is the use of mechanical rolling power and mechanical force extrusion to massage, generally have a force on the spine, make people spirit, eliminate fatigue, achieve health care results. Although the mechanical massage of a car massage chair is different from the artificial massage, it can relieve people’s fatigue and bring physical and mental health. Besides hypertensive patients and overtired persons, most people can use massage chairs because the function of a massage chair is health care, which can relieve fatigue. For some cervical spine, waist pain can be relieved. Both elderly and young people can use the car massage chair, which can destress physical discomfort, relieve pain, eliminate fatigue, and relax the body and mind quickly. Regular use can promote human body secretion, improve sleep quality, improve body immunity, and improve indigestion.

The car massage chair uses advanced computer chips and digital technology. Its excellent mechatronics design and microcomputer control circuit can simulate the tapping, kneading, vibration, sawing, rolling, etc. of the masseur according to the distribution of human bones and muscle acupoint structure. Various massage techniques allow you to enjoy “multiple techniques, repeated massage” anytime and anywhere. This machine massages the neck, back, waist, buttocks, thighs, and calves in multiple sections to clear the meridians of the whole body, regulate the balance of yin and yang in the body, enhance blood circulation, activate cell tissues in the body, promote metabolism, improve human immunity and joint mobility To eliminate fatigue and relieve muscle pain.

Kinmore Motor has been committed to providing the best power solutions for cars for many years. This time, the latest research and development and manufacture of the best quality motors for car massage seats have low noise, low power consumption, long service life, and high efficiency and energy saving.

motor for car massage chair

Motor technical parameters:

motor for car massage chair

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • The motor has a long service life.
  • Ultra-small noise.
  • Advanced motor, small size, and stable operation.
  • The motor has low power and high operating efficiency.
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