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About Mobile Phone Handheld Stabilizer

Today, with the gradual development of mobile imaging technology, people increasingly like to use mobile phones to record their lives, especially the outbreak of short videos that cater to the social characteristics of the current mobile era. With a large number of active Vloggers on the Internet, mobile phone handheld stabilizers have gradually been accepted by more ordinary consumers.

Mobile Phone Handheld Stabilizer

Anti-shaking technology for phone shooting is also improving, and OIS and EIS dual anti-shake phones will become the future development trend. At present, however, because the lens optics and electronic image stabilization effects have not reached the real “stabilization” level in the video experience, more users need to use the mechanical stabilization of the stabilizer to meet the needs of mobile shooting. As the saying goes, “Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well.”

The handheld stabilizer keeps the phone’s images clear, stable, and smooth. We can capture moments with intelligent followings, create stunning images with time-lapse videos, or even share them live with millions of people. Lightweight design makes it more portable, allows you to see the world anytime, anywhere, and record your VLOG.

It also has a zoom slider, which can not only zoom in to take close-up pictures but also enrich sports lenses. We can use it to achieve sliding zoom lens shooting, which brings a great visual impact through spatial compression. The new vertical shooting mode can switch the phone to the vertical direction, which is more suitable for selfies and live broadcasts. The improved structural design makes the gimbal shape more regular and smaller when stowed. Thanks to the high-strength composite material and the lighter weight gimbal, you will not feel tired after holding it for a long time.

Mobile Phone Handheld Stabilizer

How this handheld stabilizer works

The principle of the mobile phone handheld stabilizer is to filter out most of the vibration through the three-axis gyroscope and the three-axis acceleration sensor and maintain the relative position of the lens to the ground. Due to different structures, it is divided into single-axis, dual-axis, and three-axis. The current mature technology of three-axis stabilizers has become standard. Among them, the three-axis stabilizer technology is the most mature, so it has become the standard equipment of mobile phone stabilizer technology.

At present, the appearance of the phone stabilizer is mainly divided into three parts: the mechanical stabilizer arm holding the phone on the top, the middle handle, and the support base on the bottom. Their material is critical, and since they need to be moved around, you can choose metal to ensure robustness. Of course, if you want the phone stabilizer more portability, you can select a lighter composite.  A high-quality phone stabilizer whose upper part of the body consists of metal and whose handle part is made of new composite material gives both stability and portability.

Mobile Phone Handheld Stabilizer

In terms of design, the mobile phone stabilizer has a bottom support design and a folding design. The advantage of the folding design is that it solves the storage problem and improves the portability of travel operations. It is easy to incorporate into the bag and is especially suitable for women to buy and use. The bottom support design affects portability due to the length of the body and cannot be included in the bag, but the advantage is that it is cheaper and has a range of options when buying. Besides, the handle button function on the mobile phone stabilizer needs to be activated with the APP. The compatibility and ease of use of the APP are vital.

Kinmore Motor deeply analyzes and understands customer pain points, concentrates on various drive technologies, and creates more suitable drive solutions for users. With years of experience in driving technology solutions, Kinmore Motor today launched a set of motor solutions for mobile phone handheld stabilizers to the market. When the mobile phone is holding the gimbal while shooting sports pictures, the smart follow mode can let the gimbal automatically follow the shooting after selecting the target. The built-in sensor and motor will effectively ensure the stability of the gimbal, whether it is the vibration of the skateboard or the bumps when walking. It can be adjusted in real-time by the motor to keep the picture stable and smooth.

motor for Mobile Phone Handheld Stabilizer

Motor technical parameters:

motor for Mobile Phone Handheld Stabilizer

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • The motor is small in size and stable in operation.
  • Higher operating efficiency.
  • Long service lifetime.
  • Customized electrical properties such as voltage and speed after evaluation.
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