Kinmore Motor provides best solution for smart doorbell

Kinmore Motor provides best solution for smart doorbell

About the smart doorbell

Each anti-theft door has a doorbell. The traditional lens peephole has a single function. It only allows the homeowner to see the situation outside the door, and there are potential safety hazards. For example, criminals can open the door lock by removing the peephole, thus, entering the room for illegal activities. With the development of intelligent products, smart doorbells have appeared as the new darling of the smart appliance in recent years.

It is the first line of defense for family security nowadays. It integrates intelligent monitoring, automatic capture, and doorbell. The function of the doorbell can not only replace the door monitoring but also replace the building intercom, and overcome the shortcomings and safety hazards of traditional optical peepholes. It is currently widely used in homes, stores, and other occasions, and it is a must-have product for housekeeping.

smart doorbell

A smart doorbell is a home security product that replaces the traditional doorbell. It is installed on the anti-theft door and can automatically take pictures and sensor monitoring for 24 hours. The images collected by the camera outside the door are displayed on the indoor LCD screen. Both the elderly and children can see the situation outside the door. At the same time, the visitors can be automatically taken photos and files so that the homeowner can check the visit records when he returns.

In addition to the inconvenience of traditional cat eyes, more importantly, it lays down hidden dangers for the safety of the family. The doorbell device has appeared in society. Through it, criminals can see the indoor situation from outside the door. Except for unprotected privacy, it will also provide convenience for criminals to commit crimes. Compared with the traditional optical doorbell, the smart doorbell has no Comparable advantages that also make up for the shortcomings and potential safety hazards of the traditional optical doorbell.

The principle of the smart doorbell

The core purpose of security intelligence is to establish a mapping between video surveillance data and useful information, that is, to transform surveillance video into information that can be understood by humans and machines, and further into intelligence used by public security in actual combat, to realize the transformation of video data into information and intelligence and Conversion. To achieve this goal, Smart doorbell adds a camera and a WIFI network receiver to the traditional doorbell. When someone presses the doorbell, its internal smart chip can transmit the screen recorded by the camera to the mobile phone or tablet set by the household through the WIFI network.

smart doorbell

As long as the corresponding application is installed, the residents can display the camera recording screen on the mobile phone and broadcast the video screen in time. They can see the situation outside the door through the camera and LCD screen display, and can also take pictures and archives of visitors, and check the visit records at their convenience. The auto-sensing focus camera is the main component to realize the intelligent interconnection of the doorbell.

Kinmore Motor can provide the best motor transmission solution for a smart doorbell. The built-in micromotor in the smart doorbell camera allows the picture to have high-definition picture quality, bringing customers better performance and highly adaptable products. Achieve more powerful, intelligent functions with more scenario-based applications.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • The transmission structure is simple.
  • Flexible drive mode.
  • The motor has a long service life.
  • Ultra-low noise, stable running performance.
  • Customized electrical properties such as voltage and speed after evaluation.


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