Kinmore Motor Provides Best Solutions for High-speed Blender

Kinmore Motor Provides Best Solutions for High-speed Blender

About high-speed blender

If you want to complete a delicious meal, this high-speed blender can help you move popular dessert shops and western restaurants to your kitchen. It can help you whether it is making family meals or showing your skills at parties.

High-speed Blender

The high-speed blender integrates the functions of a juicer, soymilk, ice cream machine, cooking machine, grinder, and other product functions. It fully achieves the multi-purpose function, which can instantly break the cell wall of food and release plant biochemicals. Because the ultra-high-speed can quickly break through the cell walls of fruits and vegetables and effectively extract phytochemicals, it has gained the reputation of a broken wall cooking machine. One-button heating can directly release raw ingredients. After whipping, they will be automatically boiled to avoid twice processing destroys nutrition, saving trouble and effort. It is the first choice for modern home health care and health care.

High-speed Blender

The working principle of a high-speed blender

The principle is actually through high-speed stirring so that the food particles violently rub and fully stimulate the nutrients of the food itself, thereby producing the wall breaking effect. As the “soul” of the wall breaker, the motor is one of the most core components. Only with strong horsepower can it crush all kinds of hard ingredients in a short time. It adopts a strong horsepower motor and has a super high speed in operation.

High-speed Blender

The vital role of the motor in the high-speed blender

The motor is like the heart of the cooking machine. The quality of the electric motor largely determines the quality of the cooking machine. The speed of the micromotor is also the key to increase the juice yield, reduce product noise, and maintain the stability of the machine. The safety of the micromotor plays a vital role, which is mainly reflected in whether the micromotor is waterproof and whether it has an overheating protection device. Water entering the motor can burn the motor and may cause an accident. The function of overheating protection is to prevent the micromotor from heating up too high and causing severe damage such as machine combustion under abnormal working conditions. If there is no overheating protection device, it is easy to burn.

Kinmore Motor has more than 20 years of experience in smart home motor customization. In particular, it has accumulated an abundant database of motor prototypes on the broken wall cooking machine for customer reference. At the same time, it can quickly customize a motor program that meets the requirements of customers. It is a reliable supplier and manufacturer of motor solutions.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Customized electrical properties such as voltage and speed after evaluation.
  • The performance of the motor is stable and efficient.
  • The vibration of the micromotor is stable during operation.
  • Long service life.
  • Quiet bearing and low noise.


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