Kinmore Motor’s solution for Smart hand sanitizer sensor

Kinmore Motor’s solution for Smart hand sanitizer sensor

Smart hand sanitizer sensor

We all know that during the epidemic, frequent hand washing is a vital protective task, and hand sanitizer or soap is needed at this time. But have you ever wondered how many bacteria and viruses are in the mouth of the hand sanitizer bottle that you touch when you need to use hand sanitizer? Especially in some public places, so many people press up and down every day. Can you imagine how dirty it is?

Smart hand sanitizer sensor

The automatic hand sanitizer is similar to our automatic induction faucet. You only need to reach under the mouth of the bottle without touching the hand sanitizer bottle, avoiding the cross-infection rate of pressing the hand sanitizer, and it will automatically squeeze out a dose when you reach out to the phone.

The hand sanitizer foam is very convenient and quick. And it can display the content of the hand sanitizer remaining in the bottle through the transparent window in the front, and it will automatically control the outflow of the hand sanitizer according to the time the hand stays, which can reduce the probability and quantity of the spread of bacteria and completely cut off the path of bacterial transmission. This product is suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen.

Smart hand sanitizer sensor

How the smart hand sanitizer sensor works

At present, the popular and crowdfunded automatic hand sanitizers in the market are unable to directly fill hand sanitizers. That is because the mobile phone washers on the market use a relatively simple mechanical structure. Generally, a thin tube is embedded in the bottom of the mobile phone bottle. Driven by the internal pressure of the sealed container, combined with the function of the sensor, foam is formed and then ejected.

The smart hand sanitizer sensor uses advanced human infrared sensing technology. When a human hand reaches the sensing area, it will automatically give out the corresponding hand sanitizer. You do not need to touch or press the pump head to obtain a suitable volume of hand sanitizer. There are two working modes: automatic setting time and random time when working. That is to say, when you reach out to receive the hand sanitizer, the smart hand sanitizer sensor will automatically receive the signal and let the machine work, but the machine has a specified time, and it will automatically stop when the set time is over.

Smart hand sanitizer sensor

To improve the stable flow control of hand sanitizer for automatic washing of mobile phones, Kinmore Motor has specially developed and manufactured motors that are encapsulated in the drive module through helical worms and a non-negative pressure flow control module for automatic washing of mobile phones. The output volume of the hand sanitizer can be intelligently adjusted to achieve a stable flow rate of the hand sanitizer. Not only will it not cause the hand sanitizer to be too frequent and less frequent, but also the foaming efficiency is high. It will not be disturbed by noise during use and has a long service life.

Kinmore Motor

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Low noise.
  • Stable performance.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Customized electrical properties such as voltage and speed after evaluation.


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