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For all of automotive motors are almost entirely produced by automated lines. We bring in many advanced inspection facilities to improve our quality control ability and now our customer PPM is no more than 30. We utilize 110-plus testing devices , FMEA and PPAP, administer a battery of tests including material incoming test, 100% inspection on line, packing vibration and outgoing inspection before delivery as well as our motors are RoHs/Reach/CE compliant .
Medical Device solutions

Medical device Solution: Smart Door Lock

Solution for Smart Door Lock The smart door is a combination of electronic and mechanical mechanism that opens a door lock wirelessly with authorized user authentication. Smart door monitors who are leaving or entering the room thereby provides security for the house. Smart door locks can be accessed from your

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Medical device Solution: Coin Exchange Machine

Solution for Coin Exchange Machine The coin exchange machine is an automatic exchange machine that can receive large denominations of currency and exchange coins. This process usually charges a fee. It is usually located near machines that do not accept banknotes, including parking meters, laundromats, or vending machines that do

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