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12V DC Motor Solution for Electric Smart Mattresses

About Electric Smart Mattress

As one of the medical devices, electric smart mattresses enjoy numerous advantages. For example, They can not only monitor sleep conditions in real-time and report sleep quality but also provide practical and effective solutions for improving deep sleep time and improving sleep quality. With the aging process of the Chinese population and smart elderly care methods becoming more and more popular, electric smart mattresses, as a sub-product of intelligent appliances, are occupying an increasing market demand.


Electric Smart Mattress
Electric Smart Mattress

If there is an electric smart mattress that can monitor the basic vital signs of our parents, such as sleep, breathing, and heart rate, then we, as their sons and daughters, can also take care of them with more confidence. An electric smart mattress can realize the simultaneous monitoring of two persons so that the physical condition of both parents can be taken into account remotely from the App.


The electric smart mattress uses light-soft sensor technology, which considerably improves the ability to resist environmental interference and achieves more efficient and accurate data collection. The product provides sleep suggestions and special condition reminders through the strong data analysis background, and more consideration is given to the use scenarios of the elderly. Anti-hemorrhoids, waterproof, breathable, and fireproof are just the needs of the elderly who are bedridden for a long time.


The electric smart mattress realizes the functions, including the access guard monitoring anti-lost system, fall prevention, vital sign monitoring, telemedicine, and nursing care; the intelligent monitoring system can ensure that the elderly with dementia will not run out of the hospital by themselves through the facial recognition system. The mattress can provide an alarm for leaving the bed.


As long as the elderly leave the bed for more than a suitable time, the nurse will receive the alarm and can go to the ward in time to see if the elderly have fallen and ran away. The electric smart mattress system can provide more professional health management for the elderly; it also reduces the burden of care for medical staff/children and offers more scientific care methods.


Electric Intelligent Mattress
Electric Intelligent Mattress

How the Electric Intelligent Mattress Works

The electric smart mattress acquires human body characteristic data and bedroom environment data through built-in sensors and stores them in the cloud. The user’s sleep state and quality are analyzed in the cloud to provide a support plan that fits the body curve. The control system based on support and the program intelligently adjust the hardness and support of the mattress to improve user sleep.


According to the principle of ergonomics, five body segmented joint points (that is, the bending points of the human body) set up on the bed frame. Through remote control operation, the angle of the bed frame can be adjusted at will to adapt to the bend of various parts of the human body and freely adjust Posture, reduce neck pressure, sit upright, lie back or only raise the legs to promote blood circulation.


Elevating the leg position of the bed under the action of the motor makes the blood flow back, which is of great benefit to the heart, brain, and legs; besides, its head position can be raised, which is convenient for reading and watching TV on the bed. The original rolling back massage and back and leg vibration massage system can relax the body, adjust the body and mind, relax the muscles and bones, and fully protect the sleep quality of the elderly.


Electric Intelligent Mattress
Electric Intelligent Mattress

To meet the ever-changing needs of the electric intelligent mattress product market and to be at the forefront of the market, Kinmore Motor provides various smart DC motors customized according to customer needs, involving R&D, design, production, testing, and assembly.

Motor for Electric Smart Mattress
Motor for Electric Smart Mattress

Motor Technical Parameters:

Motor Technical Parameters
Motor Technical Parameters

Features of the DC Motor :

  • The electrical performance of the motor, such as voltage, torque, speed, etc., can be customized after professional evaluation.
  • The noise is less than 35 decibels.
  • Room temperature 20-30 ℃, relative humidity 30%~90%.
  • The motor performance is stable and efficient.
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