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Kinmore provides power solutions for smart personal care area. Those routine projects include sex toys, massagers, beauty instruments, hairdryers, hair clippers, etc. These personal care products provide a lot of convenience and comfort in our daily life. The motor as the core component directly determines the quality of these personal care products. Kinmore manufactures high-quality motors to provide customers with excellent power solutions.
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Personal care Solution: Yoga Column

Solution for Yoga Column Nowadays, yoga has become a very popular form of exercise. It is based on physical posture and helps relieve stress and self-relaxation. As a common yoga device, Yoga Column can help you relax your muscles, prevent sports injuries before yoga, and restore stress after yoga. In

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Personal care Solution: Electric Hair Clipper

Solution for Electric Hair Clipper The electric hair clipper works like a conventional manual hair clipper but is powered by a micro motor. With the development of technology, they gradually replaced the manual hair clippers, greatly improving the efficiency of haircuts. How Kinmore Makes Improvement Inside the electric hair clipper,

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Personal care Solution: Smart Massage Equipment

Solution for Smart Massage Equipment The vacuum boosting effect of the car brake system is very important, which is related to the driving safety of the car. In the car brake assist system, if the vacuum booster obtains insufficient vacuum or even can not obtain a vacuum, the boosting effect

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Personal care Solution: Hairdryer

Solution for Hairdryer Hairdryer, also known as Blow Dryer. An electrical appliance used to dry and assist the hair in getting a look. In 1925, when the first hairdryer appeared to the public, it was inefficient, bulky and could only be found in big sizes. Now engineers have improved the

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