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Robot And AI

Amid the development of society and the maturity and practical application of various technologies, the emergence of intelligent robots brings a lot of conveniences. Many industries solve some problems by using intelligent robots to replace human beings. Kinmore focuses on the development and production of the robot and intelligent systems and offers a full set of intelligent power solutions with reliable DC motors and gear motors.

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Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm

Solution for Robotic Arm As the robotic arms gradually become multiple and functional, they already have different shapes and sizes. Due to its unique operational flexibility and high efficiency, the mechanical arm has been widely used in the industrial assembly, safety explosion protection, and other fields. In recent years, robotic

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Charging Robot

Charging Robot Powered by High Efficient Motor

Solution for Charging Robot In recent years, electric vehicles have gradually become consumers’ favorite due to their environmental protection, low cost of use, and preferential purchases. As electric vehicles become more popular in cities, the number of charging stations that need to be configured has gradually increased. An automatic charging

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mechanical arm

6V Gear Motor Solution for Mechanical Arm

About Mechanical Arm In today’s life, with the advancement of science and technology, the biggest difference between robotic arms and human arms is flexibility and endurance. The biggest advantage of the manipulator is that it can repeat the same action and never feel tired under normal mechanical conditions! The robotic

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motor for intelligent robot mower

24V DC Motor for Intelligent Weeding Robot

About Intelligent Weeding Robot Under the scorching sun, manual weeding is tiring, and the work efficiency will be very low. Besides, because of the high labor intensity of weeding, workers are reluctant to do that job, and the cost is high. So, facing a large swath of lush weeds is

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Humanoid Robot

Humanoid Robot 24V DC Motor Solution

About Humanoid Robot Humanoid robots, also known as bionics, are robots designed to imitate the appearance and behavior of humans. In particular, it refers to a type of robot that has a body similar to humans and can imitate human functions and actions. Humanoid robots can act as executive personal

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