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Robotic Arm

Solution for Robotic Arm

As the robotic arms gradually become multiple and functional, they already have different shapes and sizes. Due to its unique operational flexibility and high efficiency, the mechanical arm has been widely used in the industrial assembly, safety explosion protection, and other fields. In recent years, robotic arms have gradually replaced high-cost and low-efficiency manual labor. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, there is a positive development prospect of the robotic arm and other products contains it.


How Kinmore Makes Improvement

The control and power system of the robotic arm is powered by a DC motor, which is simple and efficient. Kinmore provides professional DC motor for the robotic arm. With the central control system, the motor can control the mechanical arm to achieve the specified operation. With a stable motor power system support, the robotic arm operates more smoothly.    


Robotic Arm

Motor Features:

  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation
  • Stable performance and high consistency
  • Use a carbon brush to provide extended motor life    
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