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For the 5G Technology applications. All dc motors and gear motors must be durable enough to stand up to a variety of different environments and operating conditions. That’s why customers turn to us for their most critical needs such as product quality, productivity, cost savings, etc.

Category: Security and Locks

smart doorbell

Intelligent Doorbell Gear Motor Solution

The control function of the geared motor further optimizes the effect of the smart doorbell, prolongs the life of the doorbell, thereby reducing the possibility of outdoor electronic products being stolen and avoiding the user’s property loss. Project Background Nowadays,

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Smart Switch

Gear Motor Solution for Smart Switch

About Smart Switch With the development of science and technology, various new things have appeared in our lives. These products have brought great convenience to our lives and solved many problems. The smart switch is a new and practical invention

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Smart Door Lock

DC Motor Solution for Intelligent Door Lock

Motor Solution for Smart Door Lock The smart door is a combination of electronic and mechanical mechanisms that opens a door lock wirelessly with authorized user authentication. Smart door monitors who are leaving or entering the room thereby provides security

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IoT smart Hub Lock

6V Gear Motor Solution for Hub Lock

What is the IoT Smart Hub Lock? As a proprietary car locking system jointly developed by Kinmore Motor and Lofandi Tech, the IoT intelligent hub lock combines unique structural design with excellent control procedures. The system can provide a safe

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