Strong power motors for super quiet intelligent smoke control

Strong power motors for super quiet intelligent smoke control

About Intelligent Extractors

Kitchen oil fume is the cooking oil and food produced after high-temperature heating. High-temperature cooking is a unique cooking habit in my country, so the kitchen fume formed during high-temperature cooking has become one of the air pollutants in the indoor living environment in my country. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of the catering industry, the consumption of edible oil has continued to increase, and the health hazards of cooking oil fume have received more and more attention. The application of electronic products in people’s lives is becoming wider and wider. In the era of smart homes, it is naturally better to have a range hood with intelligent functions. Range hoods have become common household appliances in the kitchen.

Intelligent Extractors

If a range hood is used in the kitchen, the cooking fume in the kitchen can be well controlled, and the switch can be automatically switched according to the size of the cooking fume to control the wind to perform the cooking fume work, thereby achieving energy saving. The range hood is easy to clean can efficiently absorb oil fume and peculiar smell, and will not remain in the kitchen to achieve a smokeless effect. At the same time, we can intelligently control the range hood, which uses intelligent hand control. We can easily control the switch function of the range hood with a wave of hands in front of the control panel. Besides, the range hood can intelligently link the cooktop. When the user starts the cooker, the range hood can also be turned on automatically, making cooking easy and fun.

The working principle of intelligent range hood

The DC variable frequency motor in the range hood adopts the FOC algorithm, the maximum static pressure can reach 900Pa, and the maximal air volume can be up to 23m3/min. It has increased its oil fume absorption and exhaust performance. Besides, it adopts creative source point low suction and upper discharge technology to absorb oil fume at a close distance from the source point of oil fume generation, which largely controls the spread of oil fume, and at the same time. It sucks more oil fume and makes the cooking environment cleaner and safer.

Intelligent Extractors

Timed automatic dry cleaning design, no need to worry about oily dirt, and automatically bid farewell to greasy. The impeller adopts the design of lotus leaf bionics non-stick technology. Intelligent dry cleaning realizes the automatic forward and reverse rotation of the impeller through the motor and uses the positive and negative eccentricity and the emergency stop to throw the oil to ensure that the interior is completely non-stick. During the operation of the range hood, we only need to press and hold the clean button for three seconds to immediately enter the dry cleaning function. After the range, the hood works continuously for 0.5 hours, and we press the power button to enter the dry cleaning function. After the range hood works for two hours, it will enter the automatic cleaning state when it enters the automatic shutdown without any operation, which is very worry-free and labor-saving.

Kinmore Motor has more than 20 years of experience in the customization of smart home motors. We have accumulated a huge database of motor prototypes in the application of intelligent range hoods for customer reference. At the same time, we can quickly customize motor solutions that meet the requirements of customers and are suppliers and manufacturers of motor solutions.

Motor technical parameters:

Kinmore Motor

Features of Kinmore Motor :

  • Strong power. 
  • Ultra-quiet operation and low noise. 
  • Small size and stable performance. 
  • Long service life.


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