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For all of Valve System motors are almost entirely produced by automated lines. We bring in many advanced inspection facilities to improve our quality control ability and now our customer PPM is no more than 30. We utilize 110-plus testing devices , FMEA and PPAP, administer a battery of tests including material incoming test, 100% inspection on line, packing vibration and outgoing inspection before delivery as well as our motors are RoHs/Reach/CE compliant .
Valve System solutions

Valve System Solution: Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Solution for Thermostatic Radiator Valve The classic thermostatic radiator valve contains a plug (which forms a wax motor), usually made of wax, which expands or contracts with the surrounding temperature. The plug is connected to the pin, and the pin is connected to the valve. As the temperature of the

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Valve System Solution: Water Meter

Solution for Water Meter Water meter has a meter, a control circuit, a micromotor, and a valve. The valve is operated by Micromotor according to the instructions from the control circuit. The water meter has an automatic billing system for ensuring the proper use of water. Real-Time water consumption is

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Valve System Solution: Motor Operated Valve (motorized Valve)

Solution for Motor Operated Valve (motorized Valve) Motor Operated Valve (MOV) is an essential component of the Plant & Piping system. These valves are generally large and used for different applications such as Pump discharge etc Motor Operated Valves are often called On-Off valves as the motors serve the purpose

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