Valve System Solution: Thermostatic Radiator Valve
Valve System Solution: Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Valve System Solution: Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Solution for Thermostatic Radiator Valve

The classic thermostatic radiator valve contains a plug (which forms a wax motor), usually made of wax, which expands or contracts with the surrounding temperature. The plug is connected to the pin, and the pin is connected to the valve. As the temperature of the surrounding area increases, the valve gradually closes, thereby limiting the amount of hot water entering the radiator. This allows you to set the maximum temperature for each room.

When the valve works by detecting the temperature of the surrounding air, it is important to ensure that the valve is not covered by materials (such as curtains). If you remove the controller from the valve, the valve will open and the radiator will always be hot.

Thermostatic Radiator

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

Kinmore provides professional and reliable micro-motors for the thermostatic radiator valve. Kinmore’s new series of gear motor, KM-26M300-516-SD is one of the regular models that used in this valve system. It is based on the dc motor RF-300, which has the input current of 3V DC and speed of 2900 rpm. Due to the special design of the plastic screw structure, KM-26M300-516-SD has thrust torque of The stable current 60mA and stable torque ensure long service life.

Kinmore Motor for Thermostatic Radiator

Motor Features:

  • Sealed and with worm gear
  • Max load, the torque of
  • Compact Size and noiseless design
  • The electrical performance of motors such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation

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